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Cities and Civilizations

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1 Cities and Civilizations

2 First Cities Middle East farming villages 3500 BC Uruk
Trade among villages Uruk World’s first City 5000BC Present day Iraq Houses, gardens and large public buildings

3 Uruk vs other cities Uruk Catalhuyuk 40,000 people 6,000 people
1,000 Acres Strong well-organized government City leaders temple priests Military leaders ruled as Kings Catalhuyuk 6,000 people 32 Acres Ancient village customs Council settled disputes

4 Centers of Wealth Economy Uruk economy
Production, distribution, and use of goods and services. Uruk economy Farming and trade Workshops lined streets Traders traveled widely

5 Wealth Brings People Wealth in Uruk brought people
Farmers and those in countryside Move inside cities Uruk walled in 18 feet thick wall stretched 6 miles Showed worthy of protection

6 Rise of Civilizations Cities grow become civilizations
Society that has cities of well-organized government, and workers with specialized job skills “resident of city” Rise depended on food surplus Most important was soil, water and seeds Only good with planning and organization

7 Settings of Early Civilizations
First civilization appeared in Middle East Four early civilizations= river valleys Rivers rose and flooded land Water down = fresh layer of soil Maya Rain forest (Mexico and Central America) Inca Andes Mountains of south America

8 Features of Civilizations
Seven Features Cities Centers of religion, government and culture Well-organized government Manages resources Organizes workers to build public works Roads, water systems and city wall Train army Rulers felt rule came from gods

9 Features of Civilizations
Established Religion Set of religious beliefs shared by everyone in society Shared belief in many gods…controlled events Priests led prayers sacrifices…keep gods happy

10 Features of Civilizations
Job Specialization Priests, rulers, soldiers, crafts workers Priests = religious activities Soldiers = keeping order Craftworkers= producing goods Traders and merchants= buying and selling Allowed people to develop skills and talents to maintain a civilization.

11 Features of Civilizations
Social Classes Groups of people that occupy different ranks or levels in society. Priests/Rulers Farmers, Merchants, skilled workers Slaves

12 Features of Civilizations
Highly Developed Culture Great works of art, music, and literature Temples, tombs ad palaces Studied the movements of the stars Developed mathematics and medicine

13 Features of Civilization
System of Writing Record of numbers Who bought what, who owed what, etc Began to record information Birth, death, marriage

14 7 features include Cities Government Religion Job specialization
Social classes Culture writing

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