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Presentation to Select Committee on Public Services Briefing on Unproclaimed Roads and Road Maintenance Budgets 14 th August 2012 1.

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1 Presentation to Select Committee on Public Services Briefing on Unproclaimed Roads and Road Maintenance Budgets 14 th August 2012 1

2 1. Proclamation of Roads 2. Road Network Summary 3. Road Expenditure History 4. Progress to date (S’hamba Sonke Programme) 5. Conclusion 2

3 Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Schedule 3 Part A and B defines: Provincial Roads as exclusive competency of Provincial Administration Municipal Roads as exclusive competency of local government (metro, district or local) National roads as exclusive competency of Minister of Transport White Paper on National Transport Policy (1996) Identified fragmentation of responsibility and co-ordination of infrastructure across government levels and with parastatals Enabled creation of SANRAL to plan, develop, maintain S.A. National Road network Mandated the creation of national forum to improve the “co-ordination of infrastructure planning for all modes of transport” and encouraged the creation of provincial /local co-ordination structures Road Infrastructure Strategic Framework for South Africa (RISFSA) and Rural Transport Strategy Provided framework for Intergovernmental co-operation on the management and maintenance of national, provincial and local road network (RCB) Establishment of national norms for information and decision support systems to manage roads as a network (including functional road reclassification) Sustainable roads funding Development of human capacity for roads development and maintenance Development of rural road infrastructure in support of social and economic development in rural areas 3

4 4 Proclaimed Roads  Proclamation means that a specific authority of government takes legal ownership and responsibility for the maintenance and development of that particular road network. Unproclaimed Roads  When a road is unproclaimed no roads authority among the spheres of our government takes responsibility for its upkeep, even for minimal maintenance

5  RISFSA process: ◦ Reclassify roads according to functional classes ◦ Review administrative responsibility for roads ◦ Develop a standard approach to road prioritisation  Progress ◦ All provinces in process of reclassifying network with municipalities ◦ 2013/14 Assignment of administrative responsibilities for roads 5

6 Un-Proclaimed Roads = Public roads not formally maintained by any Authority

7 National Roads Secondary Roads Tertiary / other Roads Main Road Categories in South Africa Status Quo of roads

8 8 AuthorityPavedGravelTotal LengthDataLengthDataLengthData% Data SANRAL16,170 00 100 Provinces - 948,17647,088136,640103,733184,816150,82082 Metros - 951,68240,73714,4611,78966,14342,52764 Municipalities37,69110,866302,1582,124339,84912,9904 Total153,719114,861453,259107,646606,978222,507 % Data752437

9 9

10 Provincial and national roads infrastructure expenditure, 2005/06 – 2011/12 ROAD AUTHORITY ( R million) 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 Outcome Preliminary outcome Medium-term estimates Eastern Cape1,3691,4921,6151,9151,7191,7161,819 Free State3338017409611,1711,2861,373 Gauteng6106581,0791,3981,6781,7451,959 KwaZulu-Natal1,6821,8562,3604,1173,6843,8624,207 Limpopo1,1521,1391,4421,3851,5741,8922,141 Mpumalanga7236889931,1151,0891,3211,469 Northern Cape177236365436459573627 North West605689677730825914981 Western Cape9621,2851,3461,3801,7031,6551,707 Total provincial7,6138,84410,61913,43813,90214,96516,284 National (non-toll)1,7832,3803,4035,1765,6497,0238,193 Total9,39611,22514,02218,61419,55121,98824,478 Source: National Treasury 10

11 11 The Roads Development Plan for Roads (Adopted by all Provinces@ MINMEC in February 2011)

12 12 KEY PILLARS OF S’HAMBA SONKE ROAD PROGRAMME Increased Investment Labour Intensity Know Your Network Improved Access Safe Road Environment  Increase investment in maintenance of key arterial routes to support the rural economy  Increased focus in the cost efficient use of labour absorptive methodologies in road construction and maintenance;  Know your network: A focused attention on deployment of local resources to support road network asset management  Improving Access to Schools and Clinics and other public facilities  Delivering a Safe Road environment

13 13 ProvinceProgrammeDescription Budget Rm ECArea Wide (Regional Contracts)Routine road maintenance using length- man system (household contractors). 175,391,778 FSContractor DevelopmentThe roads department recruited 100 emerging contractors of 1 to 2 CE CIDB registration level to do routine road maintenance projects. 34,072,667 GPRoutine road maintenance 305,989,374 KZN Zibambele ( doing it yourself) Maintenance of rural roads using household contractors Routine roads maintenance 221,708,726 LP Tsela Tshweu (good road) Routine road maintenance programme 3,501,086 MP Siyatentela (we are trying) Routine road maintenance programme 44,288,856 NCRoutine road maintenance 29,481,302 NW Rephelele (live for us) Routine road maintenance programme 213,111,206 WCRoutine road maintenanceProjects to exited Vukuphile learnership contractors. 154,910,718 Total Investment on Road Maintenance 1,152,974,411

14 Province Length Funding Requirement R’bn Eastern Cape2 51620 203 480 000 Free State3 30515 683 500 000 Gauteng1 940 1 683 794 876 KwaZulu Natal1 392 2 605 973 732 Limpopo2 138 1 692 750 000 Mpumalanga1 862 5 307 080 659 Northern Cape4 283 2 161 695 934 North West538 306 423 000 Western Cape6 452 6 067 537 000 Total2 4 425R 55 712 235 201 funding short-fall of R20,115b on funding levels only for secondary strategic roads….. Current funding levels for entire network Funding needs on identified Secondary Strategic Roads therefore

15 Estimated Provincial maintenance requirements Paved Roads Inputs Routine Maintenance Cost per km/yrR 40,000 Periodic Maintenance Cost per kmR 900,000 Periodic Maintenance Interval in years10 Rehabilitation Cost per kmR 8,000,000 Rehabilitation interval in years25 Rehabilitation Backlog Address Period5 Overhead Costs as % of Total Budget20 Gravel Roads Inputs Routine Blading Cost per kmR 125 Number of Blades Per Year6 Regraveling Cost per kmR 200,000 Regraveling Interval in years8 Upgrade to Paved Road per kmR 6,000,000 Gravel Network that needs Upgrade to Paved %2 Upgrade Backlog Address Period (yrs)10 Overhead Costs as % of Total Budget20

16 Provincial Road Maintenance Grant Allocations 16 Includes disaster management grant

17 17 Province Number of Projects funded by PRMG (as per IRM) Number of Gazetted Projects Number of Projects still to be gazetted Eastern Cape 1849886 Free State 14 0 Gauteng 33 0 Kwazulu Natal 44 0 Limpopo 79745 Mpumalanga 53521 Northern Cape 501931 North West 39161330 Western Cape 2228-6 TOTAL870423447

18 18

19 19

20 Thank You 20

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