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Second Independent Evaluation Roles / Responsibilities & Relationships.

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1 Second Independent Evaluation Roles / Responsibilities & Relationships

2 S.I. EVALUATION and OVERSIGHT Roles / Responsibilities & Relationships UNOPS UNAIDS Secretariat Evaluation Team CO Liaison Official Cosponsoring Organizations Committee of CO S.I.E S.I.E. Report UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) Oversight Committee (OC) OC Secretariat EA&AA Chair

3 CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS Willingness of stakeholders to participate. Shared understanding on scope, depth of evaluation, and priorities to be addressed. Availability of data and information from UNAIDS Secretariat, Cosponsors and other stakeholders. Findings are practical and useful for future planning. Evaluation process is perceived as independent, transparent, and impartial. Delays in timelines and milestones can be managed Finances are available as planned. Selection of country studies and informants are representative.

4 to review and finalize terms of reference for selection of the Evaluation Team; to participate with UNOPS in the review, selection, and contracting of the Evaluation Team, subject to the endorsement of the PCB; to provide guidance and directions to the Evaluation Team. A specific plan will be made for this upon approval of the Inception Report; to monitor and adjust, as required, timelines and budget (where necessary consulting the PCB), and other critical success factors; to ensure that the guiding principles of independence, transparency, and involvement of stakeholders are respected through communication and consultative measures; to inform the PCB through the OC Chair on progress of the Evaluation and on any matters requiring PCB approval, endorsement or action; to provide feedback on the Evaluation process for the PCB and comments on the Final Evaluation Report; to manage communication on the Evaluation process between the Evaluation Team and its interlocators; to mediate should conflicts or questions arise regarding outcomes and results between the Evaluation Team and interlocators; other actions as required for credibility of the Evaluation process and product. Oversight Committee Roles and Responsibilities

5 Chair of OC: Roles and Responsibilities In addition to overall responsibilities as a Member of the OC, the Chair will: Chair OC meetings. Serve as the contact point for the OC with the PCB, Evaluation Team, Secretariat, and Cosponsors. Set agendas, oversee preparation of briefing materials and reports for the meetings. Prepare Update information notes on the Evaluation for general distribution to stakeholders. Report to the PCB Chair on outcomes of the meetings, issues arising, actions to be taken and other matters as required. Provide progress reports to the PCB on the Evaluation. Oversee preparation of the OC report on the Evaluation to the PCB. Other duties as required or requested by the OC.

6 UNAIDS Secretariat OC Expectations on Roles and Responsibilities To prepare formalities for Evaluation Team visits in selected countries with UN representatives and governments, as required, and with UCC. To provide ongoing, timely critical review, validation and verification on initial findings, debriefings and reports of the Evaluation Team, To ensure participation at global and field levels in stakeholder consultations. To provide consolidated comments on the draft Inception and Evaluation Reports, and participate in any consultations. Any other activities to support the OC and to ensure meaningful contribution to the Evaluation process and products.

7 UNAIDS Secretariat Contact Official OC Expectations on ROLES and RESPONSIBILITIES To serve as the conduit for information exchange between the OC and the Secretariat. To coordinate responses from the Secretariat for the Evaluation Team. To suggest and provide relevant documentation to be reviewed by the Evaluation Team. To suggest appropriate Secretariat informants, arrange meetings, briefing sessions, or appointments for the Evaluation team in coordination with the OC Secretariat. Any other activities to support the OC and to ensure meaningful contribution to the Evaluation process and products.

8 Cosponsor Liaison Official Roles and Responsibilities To ensure optimal access to the experience and knowledge of the Cosponsors, while respecting the Evaluation principle of independence from the components being evaluated, the Cosponsor Liaison Official would: serve as the conduit for information exchange between the OC and the Cosponsors. provide technical advice to the OC to ensure institutional knowledge and experience of Cosponsors is taken into account. inform Cosponsors of any significant events and required contributions. suggest and provide relevant documentation to the Evaluation Team and OC as required. be available where possible for meetings and teleconferences of the OC at the invitation of the OC Chair. perform other activities to assist the OC in the process of their work.

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