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Prendre and verbs like it

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1 Prendre and verbs like it

2 Prendre has three meanings: to take, to eat and to drink.
As you have been told prendre is irregular. The following is its conjugation.

3 Prendre je prends tu prends il elle prend on nous prenons vous prenez
ils elles prennent

4 Comprendre and Apprendre
comprendre – to understand Apprendre (à) – to learn They all have the root verb of prendre so they will conjugate like prendre.

5 Comprendre je comprends tu comprends il elle comprend on
nous comprenons vous comprenez ils elles comprennent

6 Apprendre j’apprends tu apprends il elle apprend on nous apprenons
vous apprenez ils elles apprennent You will use the “à” when apprendre is followed by and infinitive.

7 They are not taking our books.
Ils ne prennent pas nos livres. We are taking the bus. Nous prenons le bus. He is eating a hot dog. Il prend un hot-dog.

8 We understand French. Nous comprenons le français. My friend is learning to study. Mon ami apprend à étudier. I am drinking a soda. Je prends un coca.

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