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WP 1 Grid Workload Management Massimo Sgaravatto INFN Padova.

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1 WP 1 Grid Workload Management Massimo Sgaravatto INFN Padova

2 Functionalities foreseen for the 1 st release First version of job description language (JDL) First version of resource broker Job submission service First version of bookkeeping and logging services First user interface

3 Job Description Language (JDL) First release of job description language (JDL) used when the job is submitted, to specify the job characteristics (application, input data id, resources [required and preferable], …) Based on Condor ClassAds

4 Resource Broker First version of resource broker, that chooses the computing resources (LRMS queues or “single” nodes) where to submit jobs, considering Required and preferable resources (specified in the JDL) Characteristics and status of resources (published in the MDS) Availability of input data (published in the Replica Catalog) For the PM9 release jobs will be submitted where the input data are stored Matchmaking performed using the Condor matchmaking library

5 Information Service WP 1 is planning to use the Globus MDS-2 for PM9 We can’t rely on the current implementation of the Globus GIS (MDS) not even for a prototype system WP 1 is going to Implement the Index plugin module for MDS-2, used as first filter in the resource discovery process Provide WP4 with template of information providers Propose a schema Already discussed with WP4

6 Job Submission Service Wrapper of Condor-G for the PM9 release On top of Globus GRAM (to implement a reliable job submission service) The new Condor-G will exploit a new Globus job manager (persistency, 2 phase commit submission protocol) Should be deployed in the testbed after having verified that it meets our needs

7 Bookkeeping & Logging Bookkeeping Short term (volatile) data about currently active jobs Job definition Job status and related info Job resource consumption (?) Logging Long term (persistent) info about jobs and workload management system Used for debugging and post-mortem analysis of job runs

8 User interface Command-line, for job management operations List of resources “suitable” to run a job Job submission (with the possibility to specify where to submit the job, or leaving this choice to the broker) Job removal Job status monitoring Access to logging info

9 Requirements to WP 6 Few (3-4) Globus resources for the early WP1 integration tests (June) “Single hosts” (fork system call) Small farms managed by supported LRMS’s MDS-2 deployment Advertising in the MDS of grid-mapfile Used by the resource broker to find the resources where the user is authorized to submit jobs

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