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POLITICAL REVOLUTIONS!!! The one and only Heather Upin.

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1 POLITICAL REVOLUTIONS!!! The one and only Heather Upin

2 American Revolution Crown controls Americas – mercantilism, huge taxation and strict trade policies – Americans do not like this so they revolted Boston Tea Party France helped aid America – financially and militarily – French was eager to embarrass Britain First anti-imperial revolution Declaration of Independence Inspired many other nations to revolt

3 French Revolution: Moderate King Louis XVI wanted to tax the Third Estate (lower class), to make up for debt – King kept changing his mind, wanting Third’s help, wanted to tax them Third Estate left the Estates General – Went to a tennis court to make the constitution – Tennis Court Oath March of the Women – Versailles, protesting bread, brought King and Queen back to city Storming of the Bastille 1792 – acceptance of constitution French National Assembly (somewhat like parliament) King was killed leading to the second French revolution

4 French Revolution: Radical King Louis XVI tried to flee but was arrested and then killed France was attacked by Austria and Britain Reign of Terror – 40,000 people died – Public safety draft – evacuation of people Jacobins Feudalism was over, no more serfs No central leader Coup d'état by Napoleon

5 French Revolution: Napoleon Military leader, loved by many Napoleonic Wars – Conquered, spreading innovations/ spreading the voice of the revolution Italy, Egypt, and much of Europe, Russia (last try and many died) Civil Code: people should get work based on talent not status, women getting more rights, education Balance of Power: a policy that aims to secure peace by preventing any one state or alignment of states from becoming too dominant Concordant: fearing counter revolution by church Napoleon made this agreement with the pope

6 Haitian Revolution: Slave Revolt French plantation owners had established a very brutal slave system 1791 slave revolts broke out – Revolt spread – Desire to be free – Toussaint L’Overture- leader    Overthrow of colonialism

7 Latin American People Creole- American born person of Spanish decent Peninsulars- Born in Spain or Portuguese decent Mazambo- American born person of Portuguese decent Mestizo- Children born from European and American Indian parents

8 Latin American Revolutions Peninsulares Creole & Mazambo Mestizo Creoles took over and threw out the Europeans (Peninsulares) Brazil had slavery and European control for a long time – French Revolution  Napoleon  invaded Portugal  royal family flee to Brazil  huge amounts of slaves in Brazil Neocolonialism: most were independent but some were still under European control Government changes and social changes followed independence

9 Important People King Louis XVI- King Louis XVI- King of France, caused revolution, executed during revolution Abbe Sieyes- Abbe Sieyes- aided the Third Estate in revolution and Tennis Court Oath Napoleon- Napoleon- guided France out of revolution, spread reform throughout Europe Toussaint L’Ouverture- Toussaint L’Ouverture- leader of the Haitian Revolution, inspired by French Revolution Father Miguel Hidalgo- Father Miguel Hidalgo- revolution of Mexico, first wave, executed Simon Bolivar- Simon Bolivar- revolution of northern South America, successfully got free from Spanish power Jose San Martin- Jose San Martin- revolution of southern South America, also successfully got free from Spain

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