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2014. Produced by Sponsored by Why fair trade?

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1 2014

2 Produced by Sponsored by

3 Why fair trade?







10 Fairtrade bananas in the Dominican Republic

11 Better prices for farmers Decent working conditions Why fair trade?

12 What are the impacts of fair trade? Fairtrade chocolate in Ghana

13 What is Fairtrade certification? Standards for each product that farmers and buyers agree to. Including: 1.Minimum price 2.Social premium

14 Minimum Price – Buyers pay farmers a minimum price – This price covers cost of production – It provides security if the market is low

15 Premium – Additional amount paid to farmers – For community projects – Projects chosen by farmers


17 Recognizes commitment to Fair Trade As of July 2014 there are 8 Fair Trade Campuses across Canada

18 1.All coffee is Fairtrade 2.Minimum 3 Fairtrade teas available 3.Minimum 1 Fairtrade chocolate available Cafeterias Catering Vending machines Coffee shops Stores Restaurants

19 Campus events & signs

20 Fairtrade Campus Week When? Last week of September What? Inspire students, spread the word How?Events, free products, challenges

21 Fairtrade Movement (July 2014) Canada 8 Fair Trade Campuses 19 Fair Trade Towns 221 Fair Trade Businesses Worldwide 1.2 million farmers & workers 1.3 million hectares 70 countries $110 million in Premiums for projects (2012)


23 1.For a Fair Trade Campus, which 3 Fairtrade products MUST be available? 2.Name 2 other products that could also be Fairtrade? 3.True or False: To be a Fair Trade Campus, at least 50% of coffee in the cafeteria must be Fairtrade. 4.True of False: Fairtrade provides farmers with a minimum price. 5.Draw the Fairtrade logo 6.Who decides how the Fairtrade premium is spent?

24 Fair Trade Talking points Q: What is fair trade? A: Fair trade is a movement, which aims to empower small-scale producers and improve their living conditions. By using fair trade principles, consumers, producers and businesses can build trading relationships that are good for people and planet.

25 Q: Does fair trade help farmers? A: Yes. By ensuring they always receive a price that covers the cost of production – whatever the market. Fair trade also provides farmers with funds to invest in community projects like local businesses and health or sanitation. For hired labour, fair trade means decent pay and safe working conditions.

26 Q: Why does campus have fair trade products? A: It has been designated a Fair Trade campus because of the commitment that students and staff have made to the fair trade movement. We stock Fairtrade coffee, tea and chocolate in the cafeterias and cafes. In fact, 100% of the coffee is Fairtrade.

27 Q: How can I be sure that the benefits reach farmers? A: If a product has the Fairtrade logo on the packet, then farmers and buyers have been working within the Fairtrade International system. All stakeholders will have been audited by a 3rd party.



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