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dangerous ['deind ʒ ərəs] Don’t _______! It’s dangerous!

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4 dangerous ['deind ʒ ərəs]

5 Don’t _______! It’s dangerous!

6 the swimming pool [ pu:l ] Try to read these words: tool fool wool boot zoom

7 a swimmer on duty to help the drowning people lifeguard



10 Don’t take your _______ to the _________________.


12 T or F 1.Eat much food before you swim.( ) 2.Do some exercises before you swim.( ) 3.Don’t dive. ( ) 4.Please shower before you go swimming. ( ) 5.Do not allow a young child in the pool without an adult.( ) 6. You can take the glassware to the swimming pool. ( )

13 1.Which game is the man watching? 2.Where does he watch the swimming game? Who is he? 3.What’s in his hand? 4.Can we use the whistle when we are watching the swimming game? (judge/audience)

14 Discussion: rules for the zoorules for the library rules for the classroom

15 Don’t use the _______.


17 Write down the rules for the place you choose. Homework

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