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2 Cost Breakdown Cost Breakdown

3 Types of Coverage What is HBT – Health Benefits Trust
The HBT Program is a self insured program managed by Hockey Canada in order to provide cost effective Accidental Medical/Dental Insurance to it’s members. This coverage applies in excess of other valid and collectable insurance i.e. Provincial Medical and Hospital Plan or Personal Group Insurance Coverage will also respond if a member does not have other private insurance.

4 Health Benefit Trust Program Accident Medical/Dental
Types of Coverage Health Benefit Trust Program Accident Medical/Dental Secondary insurance Dental Expense: per tooth $1,250 per accident $2,500 Additional optional dental coverage available: This optional coverage is available to all Hockey Canada Provincial Branches, Associations, Leagues or other entities that are members of Hockey Canada. In order to be eligible for the coverage, all members of a group must adhere to the program. The program is unfortunately not available on an individual member basis. Coverage is valid for 1 year and the inception date of the Rider is at the group’s discretion. You have the flexibility to include 1 or more of the following categories of members within the Rider: • Players • Officials • Coaches • bench staff $ 5 000 2.50 $ 4.15 $ 6.50 $ 8.00 $ 9.25

5 Types of Coverage Medical Expenses: $5,000 SUBLIMITS
Physiotherapy, Osteopath, Chiropractor up to : $500 per year Prosthetic Appliance: $1,000 Tuition Expense: $2,000 Emergency Taxi Benefit: $40 Travel expense Benefit: $100 per accident 100% of Ambulance Expense Loss of Income $1,000

6 Types of Coverage Concussion injuries
Concussion injuries involve many different interventions. Hockey Canada will consider the following coverage related to a concussion which has been diagnosed by a physician: Physiotherapy under the current maximum of $ per year . Neuropsychology, which falls under the current physiotherapy maximum per year . Tuition expenses as previously described. Note that Hockey Canada Insurance does not cover expenses for baseline testing.

7 Types of Coverage HBT Does Not Cover
Benefits eligible under other private plans Benefits paid by a government hospital Benefits for a non resident playing hockey in Canada without a primary coverage Eye glasses or contacts Sickness or disease Repair or replacement of artificial teeth or dentures A knee brace or similar device needed solely for playing hockey Equipment replacement

8 Types of Coverage ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT AD&D Insurance covers very serious, permanent injuries which might occur while participating in a HC/Branch sanctioned activity. This coverage is in addition to any other valid and collectable insurance policy.

9 Types of Coverage AD and D Coverage

10 Types of Coverage AD and D Coverage

11 Types of Coverage AD and D Coverage – Important Steps
If a potential AD and D claim is apparent, for example: Accidental Death ; on – ice or off-ice Potential Paralysis Potential Loss of Sight Potential Loss of Use as Described

12 Types of Coverage AD and D Claims – Important Steps
The Branch should report accident to Todd Jackson and Glen McCurdie immediately and report all details related to the claim. The members name and DOB as well as a short description of the claim is always helpful. Hockey Canada will immediately advise the insurers (even on the weekends). You will be given instructions on next steps including required information . Counseling may be necessary

Simply explained this covers lawsuits and settlements.

14 Types of Coverage Named Insured Hockey Canada
The Thirteen Branches of Hockey Canada Associations Leagues Participants Teams Officials of any of the foregoing, including those teams that are based in the U.S.A.

15 Types of Coverage Includes the following registered members: Players
Owners Officers Directors Shareholders Members Committees Players Managers Staff Members Team Workers Officials Cheerleaders Referees Coaches Trainers Sponsors Employees Instructors Volunteers And Spouses of the Foregoing

16 Types of Coverage Coverage
$ 20,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury & property damage to third parties Excess Liability insurance in the amount of $50,000,000 Hockey Canada covers each registered player for liability The intent needs to be accidental and not deemed intentional

17 Types of Coverage Reporting
Occurrences that may require coverage should be reported to Glen McCurdie. The respondent should consult with Glen prior to engaging legal counsel. The occurrence will then be sent to the insurer who will begin an investigation

18 Types of Coverage Sexual Misconduct Liability
This policy covers the insured’s liability arising out of alleged or actual sexual misconduct for which the insured may be held legally liable. Will pay defense costs of the accused in civil court until proven to be guilty. Will reimburse the defense costs of the accused, if found innocent, in criminal court ($25,000 sub-limit).


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