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Connecticut Collaborative to Improve Autism Services Ann Gionet Tierney Giannotti.

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1 Connecticut Collaborative to Improve Autism Services Ann Gionet Tierney Giannotti

2 CT Collaborative Primary Outcome To improve access to comprehensive, coordinated health care and related services for CT children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities.

3 First Reflections 1. Assess current ASD initiatives in CT 2. Bridge to existing systems Connecticut Medical Home Initiative (CMHI) 3. Replicate & expand successful models Physician Champion Academic detailing LTSAE materials

4 1.Assess Current Initiatives Build on existing ASD efforts  Act Early Summit UConn LEND organizes 30 community organizations and consumers for collaborative effort CT State ASD Plan Foundation of the grant = DPH Title V & LEND & UCEDD

5 CT State ASD Plan In order to assure valued life outcomes, all of Connecticut’s diverse families and other stakeholders will be aware of the early signs of ASD and have knowledge about, and access to, evidenced-based, individualized, and timely screening, diagnostic evaluation and interventions implemented by a competent work force and a funded, coordinated system of care.

6 CT Collaborative Grant: Goal 1 Implement the CT State Autism Plan Strengthen the awareness of the early signs of ASDs Improve knowledge about the screening, diagnostic assessments and interventions Outcome: 10% increase in children receiving ASD specific developmental screening

7 2. Bridge Existing Systems CT Medical Home Initiative Multidisciplinary care coordinators Medical Home sites Family Support Network Respite Extended service funds Child Development Infoline CT Autism Action Coalition Coalition members include; ASD family organizations  State and national models Community organizations  Family services  Provider training University faculty State agency staff

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9 CT Collaborative Grant: Goal 2 Engage ASD specific family support and training organizations to increase public and professional awareness about ASD and to nurture a statewide, culturally competent, family-centered system of care. Outcome: 10% increase in contacts with new families by family support organizations

10 3. Replicate and Expand Successful Models Physician champion Academic detailing LTSAE materials

11 CT Collaborative Grant: Goal 3 Collaborate with ASD Physician Champion and pediatric primary care practitioners and the CMHI to expand practices providing family-centered, comprehensive, coordinated health care Outcome: 10% increase in evaluations for autism

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