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Social Networking & Video Sharing An Overview Colin Jamieson Duncan MacIver.

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1 Social Networking & Video Sharing An Overview Colin Jamieson Duncan MacIver

2 Video Sharing

3 Video Sharing Websites What is a Video Sharing Website –“A Website that lets people upload and share their video clips to the public at large or to invited guests”. Source: PCMag -,2542,t=video+sharing+site&i=57378,00.asp,2542,t=video+sharing+site&i=57378,00.asp –Examples: –Google Video - –Yahoo Video - –YouTube – –MySpace -

4 Video Sharing Websites – Some Statistics Youtube 60+ million videos – Source: 13 Hours of video content uploaded every minute Source; NY Times - Youtube – UK –20.5 million viewers/users (March 2008) –48% share of online UK video market –Each viewer is watching an average of over 100 videos per month Source: ComScore Youtube - Cost – To You – no cost – To Youtube - $1 million per day on network costs alone

5 Video Sharing – YouTube Reasons for using Youtube: –Personal share/view friends, family videos, video blogs Share/view videos on hobbies, sport, etc. –Business Promotion – showcase for work output Advertising, marketing, campaigns Training Monitoring content related to your organisation

6 Video Sharing - YouTube Good Points/Advantages –Huge resource library –Cost effective way of distributing video –Promote your organisation Potential Issues –Staff viewing material at work –Lack of control on what content is uploaded Difficulty in removing videos Dealing with unofficial video filmed in a workplace

7 YouTube – How to Upload Material Create/capture some video –You tube accepts a wide range of formats Mpeg, avi, mov, wmv (ie from a high quality camera and from mobile phones/digital cameras) Create a youtube account –Two minute signup process –Requires a valid email address Upload Video –Log in to youtube and click on “upload” icon –Browse to the video file on your camera/computer –Add some information about the video/assign it to a category –Click “Upload” Whole Process? –1 minute to record video on digital camera –2-3 minutes to sign up to Youtube (only has to be done once) –2-3 minutes to upload video –2-20 minutes for Youtube to process video

8 Social Networking

9 What are Social Networking Websites

10 Potential Uses of Social Networking Websites Personal –Communicate with friends, people with similar interests, work colleagues by way of: Online diaries (blogs), chat text, sharing video, photos, playing games Business –Communicating with colleagues and individuals/groups with shared interests and expertise –Marketing –Job Recruitment and research

11 Social Networking Websites Bebo – –High Market share of teenagers/students MySpace – –Generally used for music LinkedIn – –For Business Users – to share contacts/information Facebook – –Arguably the most popular among graduates and “older” users

12 Social Networking Sites - Facebook Statistics –100 million users (7 million in the UK) source: comscore –Fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older

13 Social Networking Websites - Facebook Good Points/Advantages –Huge contact database for researching friends, groups, societies and other businesses Potential Issues –Access to personal information and how this is used –Harassment/Liable/Reputation –How to deal with content that relates to a business –Lack of control over data –Amount of time spent by staff using sites for personal use –Identity theft

14 How to Use Facebook Process –Sign up (2-3 minute process) –Require a valid email address –Find and add friends –Join groups/networks –Start blogging, chatting, adding photos, etc Whole Process –2-3 minutes to sign up –Searching and talking to friends – unlimited! –Cost - Free

15 Facebook – a short look! Let’s take a look at what Facebook offers…

16 Back over on YouTube… Has our video finished processing?

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