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Successful Implementation of Operational Policy Changes.

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1 Successful Implementation of Operational Policy Changes

2 Seemed like a good idea at the time…

3 Applying an Effective Policy Change Can: Deliver better customer service Control costs Deal with a newly discovered risk gap Keep staff focused on what they should be doing Reduce conflict Improve productivity

4 How far should you go?

5 Group Scenario 1 Your operators have a prescribed amount of time to complete a pre-trip each day You discover that many on your driving staff leave the pre-trip until the last possible minute in order to limit the amount of time they have to spend outside in the cold You aren’t sure if they are completing the pre-trip as required You are concerned about the risks What should you do?

6 Why is it needed? Move the organization towards updated technology An incident may have occurred that has uncovered a serious risk A legal action directed towards the organization Cost control measures

7 Group Scenario 2 You discover that over the last year or so you have had a conventional driver regularly go off route to accommodate a disabled passenger This is against existing policy Existing passengers feel that transit is doing this person a valuable service and this driver is very popular Do you make an exception to the policy, enforce the existing one or turn a blind eye?

8 Not everything needs rules…

9 Details That Make Sense Include clear communication around why this is being applied Be direct and honest around the reasons Don’t assume that everyone will understand or agree Don’t assume that everyone won’t understand

10 It basically works, but feels awkward…

11 Group Scenario 3 You have just been directed to implement “Calling out stops” as a policy Your supervisory staff are concerned The union in your organization are not happy about what may be coming What do you do to gain buy in?

12 Do they buy in or just stare you down?

13 Gaining Buy In Work with your management team. They need to be on side Be patient and make sure people get an opportunity to ask questions Be fully prepared with your communication plan before you implement

14 Group Scenario 4 You have just been told to cut costs At this point it is just a few thousand dollars and you won’t need to lay staff off Looking around your organization you discover a few cost items that should be considered Are there policies that will need to be addressed? If so which ones and why?

15 When to Apply Is there a significant risk if something does not change immediately? Is there a legally prescribed timeline? When do you estimate the most impact on your operation? What is your frequency of contact with the effected people in your organization?

16 So… how did it go and what did we learn?

17 Group Scenario 5 Can you give an example of a great policy change that produced excellent results? Can you give an example of a policy that ended up needing a “do-over”? Was there a learning outcome that was valuable in either situation?

18 Measuring the Impact Is everyone applying it? How is your team responding? Do you have “resisters”? Is there impact to customer service? Does there need to be reminders or enforcement? Did the policy deliver what it was intended to do?

19 Questions?

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