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This presentation contains forward-looking statements based on beliefs of Prism Biometrics management. Such statements reflect current views of Prism.

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Presentation on theme: "This presentation contains forward-looking statements based on beliefs of Prism Biometrics management. Such statements reflect current views of Prism."— Presentation transcript:


2 This presentation contains forward-looking statements based on beliefs of Prism Biometrics management. Such statements reflect current views of Prism Biometrics with respect to future events and results and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Actual results may vary materially from those projected here, due to factors including changes in general economic and business conditions, changes in currency exchange, the introduction of competing products, lack of market acceptance of new products, services or technologies and changes in business strategy. Prism Biometrics does not intend or assume any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

3 01 — Who we are 02 — What we do 03 — How we work 04 — Biometric Identity Management 05 — The Investment Opportunity 06 — Prism Biometrics International Contact Information

4 Who we are 01

5 Prism Biometrics International is a team of dedicated technology experts who can provide: o Emerging technology business development o Market validations for new technologies and products o Enterprise identity management and security SecurLinx is a leading provider of biometric software solutions Prism Alliance Group is team of focused healthcare sales and distribution professionals leading a wide network of manufacturing, sales, support and technology partners Both Prism Alliance Group and SecurLinx are subsidiaries of Prism Biometrics International Inc.

6 To be the leading strategic and tactical sales, support and distribution provider for emerging healthcare technologies and biometric ID management solutions companies.

7 We believe that identity management across the healthcare continuum is an underserved, rapidly growing market that will be a multi-billion dollar industry in the next 3-5 years. We will leverage a public structure to use the equity and access to capital to fund an aggressive M&A strategy to build a robust organization to serve this market. The industry in general is highly fragmented and ripe for rapid consolidation

8 What we do 02

9 Highly regarded and experienced management team o Backgrounds with Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Philips Experts in identity management and healthcare o Designed and developed security solutions for government and law enforcement o Every executive has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare market segment Committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity in every interaction – Customer, Employee, Supplier, Partner.

10 Prism Alliance Group is focused on Commercialization Services for emerging technology companies providing: o Emerging technology business development o Market validations for new technologies and products Provide an experienced management team Develop healthcare sales and distribution channels comprised of a wide network of manufacturing, sales, support and technology partners Grow revenue and profitability

11 Technology lifecycles are getting shorter Major healthcare device manufacturers and solution providers are looking for new technologies and solutions and making buy or build decisions Emerging technologies must be aligned with the ever changing legislative, regulatory and financial environments Most development stage companies lack a “product” Commercialization leading to revenue generation is a highly specialized endeavor beyond the capabilities of most entrepreneurial, early stage companies.

12 SALES Channel Strategy and Development Channel Implementation Channel Leadership Sales Training Inside Sales CRM Design & Implementation Order Processing Inventory Management Sales & Contract Administration OPERATIONS eSales Market Assessment Competitor Assessment Clinical Evaluations Messaging Campaigns MARKETING Product Sales Support Services Call Center Clinical Support SUPPORT Customer Feedback Quality Design Prototyping Certification Manufacturing R & D MANUFACTURING Technical Support Forecasting Sales Support

13 Prism Alliance Group Geographic management, dedicated and shared reps MR’s & Distributors Independent Reps Channel Partners Geographic, Opportunistic, Niche focused. Value-added reseller, segment-specific National/Major accounts, Segment-specific

14 How we work 03

15 Commercial (Pharmacy) Public Health (DCD) Corrections (Prisons & Jails) Government (VA, DOD) It’s all about the data! How to make it accessible and protect it across the continuum Healthcare System/IDN Managed Care Group Accountable Care Orgs Urgent Care Physician Office Elder Care Home Care

16 AnalyzeDiagnoseDevelopImplementEvaluate Situational analysis of client/business requirements Identify & Document Key success factors (KSFs) Critical business issues (CBIs) Client & market socioeconomic realities & trends Diagnosis & scope Baseline review Revenues Expenses Operations Human Resources Market landscape Competitive landscape (SWOT) Identify gap analysis and root cause(s) Strategic plan of action Mutual roles & responsibilities Stakeholder expectations Conduct periodic reviews to KSFs & CBIs Strategy Plan of action Aligned to goals & objectives Short term (70%) Long term (30%) Stakeholder alignment Evaluation/Revie w results to date Review market conditions & dynamics Review SWOT

17 Biometric Identity Management 04

18 A frustrating, counter-productive and expensive system: A large enterprise can spend over $500K/yr resetting passwords. Access badges and fobs needed for entry to secure zones, which can be misplaced, forgotten, and loaned out and are expensive to maintain. Unique security passwords needed for each information system, which require regular changes. Most users carry and share cheat-sheet passwords which negate the security effort. Complex authentication gates are not conducive to mobile and tablet users

19 Imagine heading into work, doors opening automatically for you, then arriving at your workstation and being immediately provided access to your programs and files. All without a single badge swipe or touching a keyboard. This is a world of efficient and intelligent systems who know you are who you say you are, without effort on your behalf. That day has arrived! “ “

20 It’s not about what you have, or what you know. It’s about who you are: o Fingerprints o Finger vein o Palm vein o Palm geometry o Facial recognition o Retinal scanning o Voice recognition o Combined biometrics

21 SecurLinx is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prism Biometrics International SecurLinx is a multi-modal biometric middleware company that can provide identification and access control applications across the enterprise SecurLinx can provide single sign on using a portal application, which can be configured for a range of options replacing passwords and the inherent problems they can cause.

22 Patient Sign in Kiosk Personal / Home Clinical Access Clinical Mobile Device ID Mgmt. Physical Access Control Shared Physician Workstation

23 Single sign-on is accomplished on site at each facility, via cloud-stored biometric validation Administration retains authority to control the range of assets exposed, and access rights of users by role, such as: Medical Records Orders & Signoffs Scheduling Etc. Physicians Patient Charts Scheduling Time & Attendance Pharmaceuticals Etc. Clinical Staff Payroll Business Reports Audits Etc. Administration

24 Experienced o 10 year operating history o Industry leaders in face recognition apps o Installed base includes major police departments, Verizon and the EPA Committed to Quality o ISO 27001 certification o Design Best Practices o High Integrity, dependable partner o Brand Equity, respected in our industry Market Leadership o Deployed first ever FR surveillance app, Super Bowl o Developed first commercial mobile FR app for DOJ o Consulted on Boston Marathon case o First fully functional ID Platform on the Cloud

25 The Investment Opportunity 05

26 When thieves hacked into credit and debit card data of as many as 40 million Target customers over the holidays, the breach rattled nerves and roiled Christmas shopping. “The real problem is that so many breaches occur in the first place. Credit and debit card fraud has nearly quadrupled in the past decade, hitting $11.3 Billion worldwide and hurting profits and raising costs of goods”- NILSON REPORT “The U.S. accounts for more than its share of fraud, and hardly a month goes by when there isn't a breach from some large U.S. retailer, in part because the U.S. lags other countries in card security.” -USA TODAY

27 One of the world’s fastest growing technologies, biometrics has revolutionized business security landscape at offices, government organizations as well as financial and educational institutions. Biometrics uniquely identifies a person’s physical and behavioral characteristics such as fingerprint, hand, iris and voice. Biometric technologies are being widely accepted and adopted in a wide variety of commercial applications, including time and attendance management, retail point-of-sale, ATMs, and access to healthcare. -

28 Provides highly accurate methods of authenticating users Nearly impossible to defeat compared to time card or key lock systems Time card fraud costs companies a huge amount of money Institutions with 10,000 employees spend an average of $500,000 per year on identity security such as passwords, etc. and still are vulnerable to security breaches Healthcare requires a complex identity management challenge among patients, payers and providers.

29 “Some major companies have signaled that fingerprint-based safeguards may finally be ready. In one sign, big players that include Google, LG Electronics Inc., eBay Inc.'s PayPal unit and Lenovo Group Ltd. have joined a nonprofit called the Fast IDentity Online Alliance, which pushes for broader use of biometrics, among other alternatives to passwords.” -Wall St Journal

30 “The biometrics middleware market is in the growth stage. Companies such as Saflink Corporation, Daon, SecurLinx Corporation, AC Technology, Inc., and secunet Security Networks AG are beginning to witness considerable increase in activity, formulation of unified security management strategies, and acceleration of deployment plans. In the future, the middleware companies are likely to gain immense popularity and a steady upswing in market penetration.” -Neelema Sagar, Frost & Sullivan

31 Concerns about consumers' reliance on passwords continue to grow. Fraudsters and hackers have found a variety of ways to steal them. With the release of the latest iPhone 5s, experts agree that the golden age of biometrics is upon us.

32 Biometric data protection is being used to replace photographs, passwords and PIN codes Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as people increasingly use mobile devices in their personal lives. Securing individual information is being recognized as privacy protection. Growth of biometric technologies has been in response to global security threats. Healthcare organizations are implementing biometric systems to improve patient care, protect privacy and eliminate fraud. “Worldwide biometrics market spending is expected to increase from $5.3 Billion in 2013 to $16.7 Billion by 2019” - Yahoo Finance

33 Jul 2012- Apple acquires AuthenTec for $356 MM or $8 per share July 2011-SAFRAN SA buys L-1 Identity Solutions for $1.09 bn Not many publicly traded firms yet in the biometrics security space Wall Street Daily Investment Strategist Louis Basenese sees another round of consolidation coming in the pure-play biometrics space Basenese believes Aware (AWRE) and ImageWare Systems (IWSY) are prime acquisition targets (Source: Wall Street Daily)

34 Founded in October, 2003, SecurLinx is a biometric software development company. The company is based in Morgantown, West Virginia. The SecurLinx intellectual property was originally developed by GTE Services and won the Computerworld/Smithsonian Award. Since that time SecurLinx has added six copyrighted middleware solutions to our IP inventory. The company has transitioned from the development stage to commercialization.

35 Barry brings over 30 years of key experience to SecurLinx. Past roles have included serving as Acsys Biometrics' President and over 20 years of sales and marketing experience as National Sales Manager with Hewlett Packard. With over 15 years experience in the biometrics industry, Steve is responsible for software development and integration of all SecurLinx products. He comes to the company through the acquisition of Rehfeldt Technologies where he invented the patent pending framework that allows clients and integrators to model and deploy facial recognition systems for peak performance. Barry Hodge Chief Executive Officer Steven Rehfeldt Chief Technology Officer

36 Jim is a healthcare and information technology leader with over 30 years of capital equipment experience working with companies such as Hewlett-Packard’s MPG, Agilent Technologies and Philips Healthcare. This experience includes medical devices, information systems, biometrics, imaging systems, women’s healthcare, critical power, laboratory and self service (kiosk) systems. During this time he held sales and service management positions. He has developed sales teams from distribution concept to reps selling in assigned territories for hospital and out of hospital markets. Jim’s Prism Alliance Group focus is to bring healthcare solutions to market that assist our healthcare customers with meeting their Value Based Purchasing (VBP), patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS) and population management requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Craig brings over 35 years of experience in healthcare, industrial electronics, and military defense systems technologies. He has worked over the past 25 years primarily with healthcare organizations such as Hewlett-Packard’s Medical Products Group, Agilent Technologies and Philips Healthcare. He has extensive experience in identifying and developing market approaches for emerging areas of opportunities around healthcare information technologies, M2M commutations, devices and service oriented products. He brings Prism his entrepreneurial experiences in the commercial and retail markets as well. He also has experience in business development consulting and project management methodologies to aid organizations grow in their respective markets. Jim Axle, President Craig Workinger, Executive Vice President


38 The company has two significant cash requirements. The first is to fund organic growth and the second for pursuit of an M&A strategy. The company has a need to expand its direct sales, support and marketing resources necessary to support our channel partners and sustain rapid growth. Typical deals for M&A require $500K-$3mm in cash with the remainder in equity.

39 AWARE IMAGEWARE SYSTEMS 2012 Sales: $20 Million Shares Outstanding: 22.57 million Share price as of 2/14: $6.52 Market Capitalization: $147 MM 2012 Sales: $4 Million Shares Outstanding: 85 million Share price as of 2/14: $1.94 Market Capitalization: $165 MM

40 Prism Biometrics International is offering equity in the form of shares of common stock at 1 Euro per share The company currently has 50 million authorized shares and approximate 17 million shares issued and outstanding. PBI has acquired an ISIN and a CUSIP number and is currently conducting an audit for the purpose of listing its shares on both the CSE and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

41 Contact Us 06

42 39555 Orchard Hill Place Suite 600 Novi, MI 4835 Phone: (248) 449-2995 Fax: (248) 348-5760 General inquiries: Sales inquiries: Website:

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