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ABB Reliability Fingerprint

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1 ABB Reliability Fingerprint
Consulting services for all industries ABB Reliability Fingerprint Identifies opportunities for productivity, reliability and cost improvement

2 If only it were this simple…
I found the problem. The batteries are upside down.

3 Introduction Plant automation provides abundant and valuable process, production and equipment data The ABB Reliability Fingerprint collects and evaluates site data to identify opportunities for productivity, reliability and cost improvement Collected data is used to benchmark your site against leading process industry and manufacturing sites Areas of opportunity are identified and evaluated by ABB process and industry experts Recommendations for sustainable productivity, reliability and cost improvements are provided

4 Benefits Develops snapshot of current practices
Benchmarks site against industry best practices Establishes recommendations for site performance improvement Identifies both short and long term benefits Quantifies potential benefits Productivity improvement (OEE) Cost optimization Reliability Develops a strategy that will deliver benefits Qualifies and quantifies opportunities

5 Three-part assessment
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Composite measure of equipment availability, production rate and quality Maintenance Performance Evaluates maintenance practices: Utilization, Methodology, Performance Reliability Culture Evaluates roles and responsibilities, reliability training, failure analysis Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) Root cause analysis (RCA)

6 Description Periodic assessment
Price based on number of Full-time Maintenance Employees (FTEs) $15,000: <50 FTEs $20,000: maintenance FTEs $25,000: 100+ maintenance FTEs Performed by Reliability Service team 2-Week program (week 1: data gathering, week 2: analysis and reporting off- site) 1-2 consultants per week Deliverable Qualitative assessment of plant reliability and improvement plan Quantitative assessment of financial business opportunities

7 Paper Machine (PM) example
From the base data provided: PM1 loss est. at 1,163 tons 10% improvement Year 1 = $34,890 (10% x 1,163 x $300) PM2's loss est. at 2,497 tons 10% improvement Year 1 = $74,910 (10%x 2,497 x $300) Total for both machines Year 1 = $109,800 During Year 2: Additional10% PM1 increase = $31, PM2 = $67,419 Total for both machines Year 2 = $98,820 Each extra or marginal ton of PM1 availability = $300 ($756/hour)

8 Evaluates process and assets
1. OEE assessment Evaluates process and assets Equipment Availability (A) Maintenance Mgr. Production Rate (P) Production Mgr. Quality Factor (Q) Quality Mgr. Financial Mgr. Product People Material HR Manager Supply Manager Profit Plant VP/Manager Applies proven analysis methodology Measures relationships Equipment availability Production efficiency Rate of quality Uncovers potential benefits

9 2. Maintenance Performance Assessment
Includes maintenance cost Financial Mgr. Maintenance Mgr. Production Mgr. Quality Mgr. Product People Material HR Manager Supply Manager Profit Plant VP/Manager Utilization Time spent waiting Craft coordination Availability of drawings Craft flexibility Parts availability Level of rework Methodology Business processes Planning Special tools Scheduling Standard jobs library Rebuild procedures Performance Skills Training Job interruptions Supervision Morale Labor issues Precision maintenance

10 3. Reliability Culture Assessment:
Roles and responsibilities, reliability training, failure analysis Financial Mgr. Maintenance Mgr. Production Mgr. Quality Mgr. Product People Material HR Manager Supply Manager Profit Plant VP/Manager Review maintenance practices and maintenance culture (planning and scheduling effectiveness) Understand plant reliability culture Identify perceived strengths and improvement opportunities Review organizational structure (job responsibilities, ratios) Identify maintenance and reliability gaps

11 Information Gathering
Primary Activities Information Gathering (On- and off-site) Analysis (off-site) Delivery (on-site) 1 Week on-site Pre-arrival data collection packet Collect Data on-site Validate Data Confirm information understanding with Customer 1 Week off-site Develop Metric Charts Draw Cost/Structure Conclusions from Metrics Finalize OEE Calculations Develop OEE Waterfall Develop Business Case with ABB Account Personnel Develop Findings Presentation Complete Executive Summary Present Reports

12 Assessment Evaluation
The assessment findings are reviewed by a collaborative Reliability/ABB Field Services Team The team maps service portfolio opportunities to identified performance gaps

13 Set-up and adjustments Idling and minor stoppages
OEE Overview Total Available Production Time Planned production time Non- production time Planning Factor (Pf) Gross operating time Availability Losses Availability Factor (A) Equipment failure Set-up and adjustments Net operating time Speed Losses Performance Factor (P) Idling and minor stoppages Reduced speed Valuable operating time Quality Losses Quality Factor (Q) Defects in process Start-up losses OEE % Availability factor (A) Performance factor (P) Quality factor (Q) Valuable operating time Planned production time = X X =

14 Sample Deliverable OEE Waterfall – PM 1: OEE = 75%
1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 9,000 Total Time (hours) (8760 hrs) Steam (2 hrs) Electrical (98.1 hrs) Other (5.1 hrs) Planned Production Time ( hrs) Scheduled Total Outages (294 hrs) Electrical (120.9 hrs) Mechanical (191.4 hrs) Roll Failures (59 hrs) Instrumentation (6.9 hrs) DCS (15.2 hrs) Hydraulics (4.1 hrs) Drives (13.7 hrs) Operations (332.4 hrs) Breaks (410 hrs) Available Time ( hrs) Quality Losses (730 hrs) Making Good Product at MPR ( hrs)

15 Maintenance Performance Example:
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 20 5 15 25 30 35 40 45 Maintenance cost as % of facility replacement cost Facility number Your facility World class 1.5% – 2.0% Maintenance Cost is tied to: Effectiveness of maintenance Skill level and quality of knowledge of personnel Asset type % of unplanned maintenance % of predictive maintenance Example PM#1 - Vibration detects bearing wear Proactive Maintenance - Bearing is changed (cost $5,000) Reactive Maintenance - Bearing is not changed, Machine fails (cost $100,000)

16 Areas evaluated with fingerprint
Reliability Culture Areas High dB Avg Site Score Low Continuing Education Performance Assurance Roles and Responsibilities Responsive Maintenance Preventive & Predictive Maint. Management Leadership Organizational Structure Supplier & Services - Stores Physical Assets Program


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