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Big Books Abimael Rivera Beauchamp MayaWest Writing Project June 25, 2008.

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1 Big Books Abimael Rivera Beauchamp MayaWest Writing Project June 25, 2008

2 About Me B.A. in English (Literature Track) I have been teaching for 13 years I have taught K – Post Secondary in Mayaguez, Maricao, Ponce and Peñuelas I am currently working at Rafael Irizarry Rivera Junior High School

3 School and Teaching Reality Located in the city (urban area) Approximately 600 students from ages 11-19 Three different student schedules (7:30-12:30, 12:30-5:30 and 7:30-2:30) Three different student programs (Regular, Pre-Vocational and Independent Living for the Physically and Mental Impaired) 74% of students are below poverty level

4 7 th grade has 154 students Library has 4 computers and English books Technology is available, but the educational program is on hiatus Serious disciplinary problems Limited parent/student participation 5 th year in NCLB’s Schools In Need of Improvement Plan

5 My Teaching Philosophy Learning has to have PP (purpose and pertinence) to be successful. The teacher and the student must engage in a symbiotic-learning process. Meaningful learning experiences contribute to a holistic formation of the individual.

6 Theory Propiciar que el estudiante sea un pensador critico y creativo, capaz de comunicarse verbalmente y por escrito; que pueda interactuar con las altas expectativas y demandas de una sociedad inmersa en una interacción y colaboración global (Carta Circular 1-05-06) The student constructs his knowledge through collaborative learning and socializing (Vygotsky, 1981) Yet only through communication can human life hold meaning. The teacher’s thinking is authenticated only by the authenticity of the students’ thinking. (Freire, 1970) Teoría del Reconstruccionismo Social : Exigir al estudiante según su capacidad y el uso de visuales; el maestro debe desarrollar destrezas de pensar, observar y experimentar y formar seres humanos pensantes dirigidos al fin de la libertad individual (Hostos, 1940)

7 Big Book Objectives Stimulate critical thinking Reinforce values Promote the use of Dual Coding Literacy Develop healthy social interaction skills among peers

8 Teaching Process Discuss story elements and story mapping Apply it in various readings Discuss the rubric and required materials needed for the bigbook Arrange groups according to needs Present topic and let groups brainstorm Groups prepare storyboard (text/visual) Groups prepare the visual representation as teacher revises text Place the story

9 Activity Divide in groups Present topic or question Work on activity Author’s Chair

10 Topic Imagine that it is October and we are getting together for the first time since the institute finished. What is going to happen that day?

11 Other Suggestions Use open questions Use the Socratic Method Use topics that stimulate critical thinking and creativity Let imagination be the key to sucess

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