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By: Ashley McClave.  For The Viewing Of: ◦ Parents, Principal, Superintendent  Proposal For:  Fitness Testing Equipment/Software.

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1 By: Ashley McClave

2  For The Viewing Of: ◦ Parents, Principal, Superintendent  Proposal For:  Fitness Testing Equipment/Software

3  Rationale: ◦ Students can see the improvements from exercise in a variety of areas. ◦ Students can test for:  pulmonary function, body composition, heart rate, and blood pressure ◦ After the tests are completed students can learn:  How to do calculations  What the results means  What they can do to improve their results  Integrate other subjects: ◦ Science and Math

4  Equipment Needed For: ◦ VO2Max test ◦ Hydrostatic Weighing ◦ Spirometry ◦ Heart Rate ◦ Blood Pressure  Software: ◦ BSDI Fitness Analyst

5  VO2Max test will measure aerobic fitness.  Equipment required: ◦ Oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzers ◦ Heart Rate Monitor ◦ Stop Watch ◦ Turbine Ventilometer ◦ Treadmill  Athlete’s/Subject’s VO2Max is reached when: ◦ Plateau in oxygen uptake ◦ Max heart rate reached ◦ Exhaustion ◦ Respiratory exchange ratio of 1.15 or greater  Directly measures body oxygen consumption  Measure max heart rate during test EquipmentPrice Treadmill$1,999.99 O2 and CO2 Analyzer $1,349.00 Heart Rate Monitor$79.00 Stop Watch$15.00 Turbine Ventilator$55.75

6  Test to measure body composition. ◦ Measures the density of fat; body fat %  Equipment need: ◦ Hydrostatic Stainless Steel Weighing Tank ◦ (including mounted chair and scale)  (tank/chair varies in type) ◦ Weighted belt and nose clip  Test is done by submersing someone under water (can exclude head) ◦ Measures the amount of water the body displaces  Proven to be the most accurate EquipmentPrice Weighing Tank $1,000.00 Scale$30.00 Weighted Belt $30.00 Nose Clip (30) $35.00

7  Test measures the amount of air you can blow out after taking in a deep breath. ◦ Measures for two numbers: ◦ Forced Vital Capacity (the amount of air you can forcefully blow out) and Forced Expiratory Volume (the amount of air you can blow out in the first second of exhalation).  Why is a Spirometry test important? Spirometry test how well your lungs work. The results reveal: How much air you lungs can hold How quickly you can move air in and out of your lungs How well your lungs exchange oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. The healthier you are, the better the results. Equipment needed: Spirometer- A device with a mouth piece attached to a recording device. EquipmentPrice Spirometer$135.00 500 Mouth Pieces $50.00

8 EquipmentPrice Heart Rate Monitor Watch $50.00  Students can learn to monitor/test for: Resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, and recovery heart rate  Students can monitor their exercise heart to improve their aerobic fitness  Benefits of monitoring heart rate Safety: Monitors if you are over a safe working heart rate Effectiveness: Monitors if your heart is working hard enough for an effective workout Incentive: Motivation to see your heart getting stronger week after week  Anatomy and Physiology can be integrated to talk about how the heart functions

9  Blood Pressure Measures: ◦ Systolic and Diastolic ◦ (When heart contracts and relaxes)  Teaches students to be aware of their blood pressure ◦ Prevent heart disease/high blood pressure  Continuously record overtime and learn how to lower BP numbers and become healthier EquipmentPrice Blood Pressure Monitor $45.00

10  For students to learn how to measure and understand all test results will help them to stay healthy throughout their life.  Learning such skills and knowledge will be useful for them now and for years to come.  It will help to prevent obesity, heart disease, lung disease, and high blood pressure.  It’s important to stay healthy, and know how to monitor your health too!

11  Software ◦ Creates a profile for each student to record all of their test results ◦ Puts information together in a chart to clearly show the results over a period of time. ◦ You can easily customize it for any specialty ◦ Expresses individual and group results ◦ You can set goals and show your progress towards reaching them ◦ Can give feedback to students based on results ◦ Supports all of the health test equipment presented in this powerpoint ◦ Will provide results in comparison to suggested ranges

12  Time efficient by the software calculating results for you  Results for students can be recorded, saved, and compared each year test is administered to show their improvements  Students and teachers can view the results  A source of reference if a student shows a significant decline in health  Everything that software can do is shown below. Fitness AssessmentExercise PrescriptionMedical ScreeningClient Information GoalsActivity LogsOver 120 TestsReference Library Easy Customization

13  Please accept my proposal for providing the Health and Physical Education department with funding for such useful equipment and software.  Equipment can used for other purposes as well, and will be used year after year.  Software is a useful tool to be able to provide parents with test results that show how healthy/unhealthy their children are.

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