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UNCLASSIFIED 1 MPAT TEMPEST EXPRESS 24 (TE-24) Workshop Overview 7 January 2014 7 January 2014.

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1 UNCLASSIFIED 1 MPAT TEMPEST EXPRESS 24 (TE-24) Workshop Overview 7 January 2014 7 January 2014

2 UNCLASSIFIED 2 Improved Government of Sri Lanka capability to respond to CBRN-TIM disaster(s) requiring international assistance Improved Sri Lanka military capabilities and greater exposure to multinational military planning Development of DRAFT Sri Lanka CBRN-TIM Plans in conjunction with local civil organizations and international responders –Military-Police-Fire-Civil Defense Further testing and refinement of relevant portions of the MNF SOP TE-24 Overall Goals and End State 2

3 UNCLASSIFIED 3 TE-24 Objectives Support Sri Lankan Military efforts to develop and refine existing plans to support a CBNRE-TIM disaster Improve civil-military, inter-ministry & inter-agency planning and coordination in supporting / cooperating with Sri Lankan military in a CBRNE-TIM operation Coordinate international military support to an affected state in response to a CBRNE-TIM disaster

4 UNCLASSIFIED 4 TE-24 Exercise Format Event Dates: 31 March thru 9 August 2014, Colombo Sri Lanka (LKA) Operational-level multinational planning activities Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear-Toxic Industrial Materials (CBRN- TIM) Disaster Scenarios Academics (2 Days) followed by Small-Group Planning (4 ½ Days) and Group Outbriefs to senior officials (1 Day) Small Group Planners –Group 1 – Develop CBRNE portions of the LKA national disaster plans –Group 2 – Plan a response to a fictional large-scale local CBRNE disaster that occurs in or around the Port of Galle –Group 3 – Plan a large-scale local CBRNE disaster response in or around Port of Colombo –Group 4 – Plan a Sri Lanka PKO BN CBRNE-TIM response to a fictional disaster while assigned to UN Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) Military, civilian and UN SMEs in each group Plenary session on last day where planners brief results to senior officials 4

5 UNCLASSIFIED 5 Proposed TE-24 Schedule April 2014 SUNMONTUESWEDTHURSFRISAT 303112345 6789101112 13141516171819 20212223242526 27282930 Breakout Groups Activities/ Cultural Event Event Daily Start / Stop Times: 0830 and 1700 Out Briefs Closing Ceremony Staff Planning / Briefing Development Open Ceremony Academics Registration Holiday Routine Staff Planning / Development

6 UNCLASSIFIED 6 TE-24 Daily Tasks Daily Tasks 31 March (Monday) Final Registration and Recovery 1 April (Tuesday) Welcome and Opening Ceremony Academics and Discussion 2 April (Wednesday) Academics and Discussion (Continued) Mission Analysis 3 April (Thursday) Mission Analysis/COA Development Initiating/Scoping (planning process) 4 April (Friday) Mission Analysis/COA Development COA Development/COA Analysis and Gaming 5 April (Saturday [1/2 day planning]) COA Development/COA Analysis and Gaming COA Comparison Cultural Event (TBD) 6 April (Sunday) Training holiday (Control Group preparation) 7 April (Monday) COA Development 8 April (Tuesday) Plans/COA briefs to Commander: Rehearsal and Final Review 9 April (Wednesday) Back briefs (Plans/COA Brief) Closing Ceremony Note: General Schedule will be refined, finalized and subject to change.

7 UNCLASSIFIED 7 TE-24 Planning Considerations Venue: Galadari Hotel (1) Plenary, (4) Syndicate rooms, (2) Secretariat rooms Sri Lanka participation / observers Military: 20-40 mix of participants / observers (LCDR-CAPT) Civilians: Based on Sri Lanka recommendation Humanitarians: UN OCHA, Sri Lanka Red Cross (Colombo-based) Multinational military and civilian participation (20 Nations) Scenario Development: Scenarios “large enough to garner international response” Four scenarios; (1) strategic; (2) operational; (1) tactical Academics and Briefs Sri Lanka Military Overview Sri Lankan CBRNE-TIM Overview Overview of existing Sri Lanka plans CBRNE Familiarization Planning Familiarization Humanitarian (Intl/Local) Familiarization 7

8 UNCLASSIFIED TE-24 Participants Sri Lanka Armed Forces Staff –TE Event Planners –Sri Lanka Military as Lead Nation in scenarios –Sri Lanka Observers (TBD) Sri Lanka Governmental Offices –Defence Ministry –Foreign Ministry –Coast Guard –Port Authority –Police –Fire –Medical –Civil Defence USA MPAT Event Staff Invited MPAT Nations (next slide) Local / International CBRN-TIM Organizations (TBD) Local / International Humanitarians Others 8

9 UNCLASSIFIED 9 Australia (2-4)Bangladesh (2)Brunei (2) Cambodia (2)Canada (4)France (2) Germany (2)Japan (2)Korea (2) Malaysia (3) Maldives (2)Mongolia (2) Nepal (2)New Zealand (2)Philippines (2) Singapore (2)Sri Lanka (Host)Thailand (2) USA (10)Vietnam (2) (20 Participating Nations, Estimated total participants 80-110) TE-24 Participating Nations

10 UNCLASSIFIED 10 USA / Sri Lanka Responsibilities USA –Event planning: development of scenario, design, supporting materials, website, computer equipment and networks –Invitations: to foreign militaries, UN agencies and other organizations –Funding: for commercial venue; certain countries’ participation and external humanitarian organization participants –Support Sri Lanka in planning, organizing opening and closing ceremonies Sri Lanka Armed Forces –Event planning: development of scenario, supporting materials –Sri Lanka-specific briefings –Plan and organize opening, closing ceremonies –Invitations: Local UN agencies and other organizations –Airport reception for incoming personnel –Force protection –Support event planning as required

11 UNCLASSIFIED 11 USA Contact Information USPACOM / J716 MPAT –Mr. Pete DeFelice: +1.808.477.8283 – MPAT Team Lead –Mr. Bernie Carey: +1.808.477.7645 – TE-24 Event Lead Planner –Mr. Bob Holub: +1.808.477.7631 – TE-24 Admin and Logistics –Mr. Allan Tagayuna: – +1.808.472.7746 – TE-24 IT Lead US Embassy Team - Colombo

12 UNCLASSIFIED 12 TE-24 Questions?

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