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Seat Belt Laws Do You Wear One?.

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1 Seat Belt Laws Do You Wear One?

2 Wear Your Seatbelt!!

3 Seat Belt Laws Why Buckle Up?
    Studies show seat belts do save lives and reduce injuries during crashes. Seat belts work with air bags to protect occupants. Air bags alone are not enough to safeguard occupants. Seatbelt commercial More than 2,000 unbuckled drivers and front seat passengers died on New Jersey's roadways in the past 10 years. Approximately 700 unbuckled drivers and front seat passengers were thrown out of their vehicles during crashes and killed in the past 10 years. No Seatbelt Seat Belt Laws Why Buckle Up?        

4 How do Seatbelts Help? Keeps driver and passengers from being thrown from the car. Prevents the passengers from hitting the dashboard. Keeps driver/passengers from sliding in the seat. 60% more likely to survive a crash when wearing a seatbelts!

5 New Jersey’s Seat Belt Law: (NJS 39:3-76.2f)
    NJ Law requires all front seat occupants of passenger vehicles to wear a seat belt. The motorist is responsible for all occupants under 18 years old. Front seat occupants over 18 yrs. are responsible for themselves. Motorists with GDL permits or Provisional licenses require all occupants to wear seat belts anywhere in the vehicle.

6 The Law Non-compliance is a primary offense. This means the police can stop you for not wearing your seatbelts. Ticket - $46. Exemptions: Any vehicle manufactured before July 1, 1966 or for a medical reason verified in writing by a licensed physician.

7 Child Restraint Law Children up to 8 yrs. old or 80 lbs. must be in a federally approved car seat in the back seat of the vehicle. Children under 8 yrs. and over 80 lbs. must be buckled in the back seat. Never put rear-facing car seats in the front seat if there is an airbag. Passengers 8 to 18 yrs. must be in a seat belt anywhere in the vehicle.

8 Types of Car Seats: Infant Car Seat: for a baby up to 20 lbs. and 26 inches. Must be rear-facing Convertible Car Seat: for an infant or toddlers up to 40 lbs. and 40 inches. When the baby weights 17 lbs. the seat can be adjusted to the upright position and placed facing forward. Booster Seats: for children over 40 lbs.

9 Air Bags Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR)
Designed to supplement seat belts in frontal crashes. Inflates at speeds up to 200mph. Seat belt + air bag= 75% less likely to have serious injury in a crash. Need to be 10 inches from steering wheel. Always have children under 12 yrs. in the backseat.

10 Safety:Seatbelts Wear Your Seatbelt! Corzine

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