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Federal and other funding programs. Introduction We live in the age of acronyms SAFETEA-LU FHWA FTA TIP STIP.

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1 Federal and other funding programs

2 Introduction We live in the age of acronyms SAFETEA-LU FHWA FTA TIP STIP

3 Purpose Today I have been asked to talk about the different types of federal funding. I have provided you with an acronym sheet. Some will NOT be in this presentation, but may be ones that you may hear when working with State Aid.

4 Major Categories of Federal Funds Non FHWA Transportation Related Funds Formula Funds Discretionary Funds

5 Federal funds NOT directly from FHWA Forest Highway-FH or PFH Indian Reservation Roads-IRR Emergency funds from FEMA Comprehensive Highway Safety-CHSP Transportation Revolving Loan Fund-TRLF

6 Formula Funds Amounts to each state established by formula set in law. Mn/DOT then subdivides by another formula to each ATP. ATP selects projects by their policies and processes.

7 Formula Funds Surface Transportation Program-STP Enhancement funds-TEA Congestion Mitigation Air Quality-CMAQ Highway Safety Improvement Program-HSIP Bridge programs-BR, BH, BROS

8 Discretionary Funds Funds distributed from a specific federal program to the states –By Formula –By Competition –By Earmark

9 Discretionary Funds Scenic Byways-SB Public Lands-PL or PLH Forest Highways-PFH Safe Routes to School-SRTS Intelligent Transportation Systems-ITS Highways for LIFE-HfL

10 Discretionary Funds Interstate Maintenance-IM Transportation and Community and Systems Preservation Program-TCSP Non-Motorized Transportation Partnership- NMTP Projects of National and Regional Significance Transportation Improvement Program-TIMP

11 Discretionary Funds Sometimes all or a portion of these pots of funds have been “earmarked” for specific projects. These are the funds that Congress is saying they are eliminating earmarks from.

12 Earmarks Projects specifically designated in legislation for a specific project and/or purpose. Some allocated funds have fallen into this category.

13 Earmarks High Priority Project-HPP Demonstration Project-DEMO

14 FHWA funds NOT handled by SALT Recreational Trail Funds-RTF –From FHWA to DNR

15 Things to Remember Each type of fund has different rules related to eligibility, availability, federal funding levels. It is NOT possible for you to know all the rules for each specific type of funding, but if you call SALT, know what kind of federal funding you are using so we can help you.

16 In general Federal Funds from FHWA cannot be used to cover the match required for other FHWA funds. Some combinations of TEA funds and other funds are the exception.

17 Other programs—State Funds Bridge Bonding Local Road Improvement Program

18 SALT Process State aid tries to treat all the different pots of money the same in our processing, just to try to keep them straight. All projects must be listed in the STIP. All projects must have an environmental document prepared and approved. Plans, Specifications, and Estimate for construction projects.

19 All projects must be authorized by the FHWA--BEFORE work can start. Project specific agreements prepared for PE, CE, ROW, FA and AC projects. DCP agreement is for each agency for all projects except those on the NHS.

20 One Thing I have Learned Never say “always or never” –I have teenagers and they will work to prove me wrong.

21 Questions? Lynnette Roshell 651-366-3822

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