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Woodbury Soccer Club Team Managers Summer 2015. Agenda Contacts & Resources Key Dates and Timelines Online Store Kick-off Weekend Player Passes Tournament.

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1 Woodbury Soccer Club Team Managers Summer 2015

2 Agenda Contacts & Resources Key Dates and Timelines Online Store Kick-off Weekend Player Passes Tournament Registration Practice Field Registration Game Reschedules Pictures Gerten’s Fundraiser Question/Issue Processes Success Stories Feedback, Q&A

3 Contacts and Resources Visit the Team Manager page:

4 Contacts & Resources (cont.)


6 TeamSnap Does everyone have access?

7 Forms (WSC)

8 Forms (MYSA)

9 Required Forms League Game Schedules: –Distributed @ District Meeting, April 13th Health Waiver & Code of Conduct –Forms are good for soccer year (Aug 1 – July 31) –MYSA Health Form required to check in at all tournaments. (Do not have to be notarized unless traveling out of state.) What to bring to Games: –MYSA Match Report –Player & Adult MYSA Passes –Stamped, addressed envelope (only when home team) Tournament Check-in –Health Forms & MYSA Passes –Birth Certificates (check with the tournament to see if needed) –MYSA travel form (for out of state tournaments)

10 Key Dates DateEvent 3/31Practice Field Schedule available 4/13 (week)Passes delivered to TM for completion 4/27State Cup Begins (select U13+ teams) 5/1Deadline for league reschedules to complete 5/4Competitive league play may begin 5/8-5/10U13+ WSC Summer Classic 6/18Deadline for post season signup (MYSA website) - Team must be in top ½ of league to register (WSC rule) 6/19-6/21U9-12 WSC Summer Classic

11 Key Dates cont. DateEvent 6/29 thru 7/5Club Break – Blackout/No Activities 7/8U11-19 Comp play must end 7/11-7/16State Tournament Qualifiers 7/15U9-10 Comp play must end 7/19-7/26Summer State Tournament 7/26-8/1Player ID for 2015-2016 Competitive Year

12 Online Store If your player has a uniform from a 2014 summer or fall season, you do not need to order a new uniform kit. The online store is open NOW thru April 1. Please see the apparel page of WSC's website Uniform Coordinator Dee Kauffman, with any questions -

13 Kickoff Weekend April 24-26 – mostly in Fieldhouse The idea of this weekend is to get everyone in the same place so they can train and play and we can get you some feedback early in the season. Your team is expected to participate in kick-off weekend. Teams scheduled 6:00pm and later will be rescheduled by Monday, March 24

14 Save the Date Home Opener for MN United April 25, 7:00pm Tickets will be sold thru the club at less then face value Details will be out early next week Team competitions for special benefits

15 Player Passes Generally available for TM to complete week of April 13 Special exceptions (tournaments) – reach out to Peter and Lisa for early pass request. WSC Registrar: Lisa Berg,

16 Tournament Registration WSC provides 3 in-season tournaments per team, –WSC Classic (U13+: May 8-10, U9-12: June 19-21) –2 other club tournaments. –WSC reimburses team registration fees. If a tournament charges player fees (typically National Sports Center hosted tournament) those are not eligible for WSC reimbursement. See the “Tournament Center” link on the MYSA website to plan your schedule. DO NOT SCHEDULE TOURNAMENTS other than WSC Classic on May 8-10 and Jun 19-21. –We need volunteers available these weekends for the WSC Classics Additional tournaments with fees covered by WSC –State cup for select WSC teams –MYSA playoff & state tournament, for U11+ teams

17 Tournament Registration – WSC Classic All teams not in State Cup will be participating in the Woodbury Summer Classic Tournament. Participation in the Woodbury Summer Classic is paid for by the club. While filling out the online registration, you will choose "Pay By Check" when you get to the payment page but DO NOT SEND A CHECK. You should receive a confirmation email about your registration. Again, you do not need to send a check as the club pays for this tournament Contact: Andy Seidel -

18 Practice Field Registration Dibs system (WSC Website) Log-in will be emailed No teams are allowed on the fields until they have been released by the city Field closures Sign-up for City of Woodbury “In Touch”

19 Game Reschedules Either team can request, Home team must coordinate since home club schedules the field and referees Start with your opponent and agree on 2-3 alternative dates. Note: City of Woodbury field closure only applies to Home (BSC) games. Check with your opponent during inclement weather, but assume you will need to meet at the field. Do not assume your away game is cancelled. Team-to-Team Contact opponent and notify of conflict. Decide on 2-3 alternative dates and times WSC Website Complete reschedule request and submit to WSC field/referee scheduler. MYSA Website After receiving confirmation from WSC field/referee scheduler: Submit reschedule request on MYSA website. MYSA Website Confirm rescheduled date, time, and location. WSC - Home Team WSC - Visiting Team What to Do: When to Do:

20 Pictures (new this year) Tentatively planned Formal Team & Individual Pictures Times/Schedule TBD – at both WSC Summer Classics

21 Gerten’s Fundraiser More information early next week Deliveries May 3 at WAA Building Karla Goff will be the lead – s

22 Questions - Process Check website –Summer Comp, Team Manager, FAQ pages Ask coach Ask manager of same level team a year older –Example: 14s MRL manager asks the 15s manager who had been through MRL process Ask age group coordinator Ask Andy/Peter/Jonathan

23 Issues - Process Defined in TM Handbook (TM Website) Soccer ‘issues’ shouldn’t directly involve Team Manager: –Player/Parent frustration with Coach –Coach frustration with Player/Parent Can we be quick to resolve all discontent? –Avoid “papercut  infection  amputation”

24 Success Stories 3 Premier teams U18 players committed to play collegiate soccer Andy Seidel, DYOD, earns A License and G’s Competitive Coach of the year Peter Rivard, DOC, named MN United Reserves team coach Over 700 competitive players

25 Feedback, Q&A

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