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Ancient Rome Chapter 7 The Geography of Ancient Rome Lesson 1.

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1 Ancient Rome Chapter 7 The Geography of Ancient Rome Lesson 1

2 Rome City in Italy

3 Sicily Nearby Island in Mediterranean Sea

4 Alps Mountain range in northern Italy

5 Apennines Mountain range that extends the length of Italy

6 Basin An area of land drained by a river & its tributaries

7 Gaul Estuscans migrated from Gaul (modern day France)

8 Ancient Rome Chapter 7 The Roman Republic Lesson 2

9 Republic A government in which citizens have the right to choose their leaders – Voting Coin

10 Senate Roman lawmaking council

11 Consuls Senators who share power equally over all of Rome

12 Patricians Members of rich powerful families

13 Plebians Roman farmers, artisans & merchants

14 Tribunes Officials elected to protect plebian interests

15 Twelve Tables Foundation of Roman Law

16 Carthage Additional center of power around the Mediterranean. Rome (red) and Carthage (purple) before the Punic Wars

17 Hannibal Carthage leader in war with Rome

18 Punic Wars


20 Scipio Roman General

21 Zama Battle where Scipio defeated Hannibal

22 Zama


24 Ancient Rome Chapter 7 The Roman Empire Lesson 3

25 Territories Large areas of land

26 Julius Caesar Famous Roman leader

27 Cleopatra Egypt’s 21 year old Queen

28 Dictator Ruler who has absolute power & authority

29 Ides of March March 15 attack on Caesar

30 Civil War People in one country fight each other

31 Octavian Julius Caesar’s nephew – Winner of revolution

32 Pax Romana Roman Peace(lasted 200 years)

33 Ancient Rome Chapter 7 The Legacy of Ancient Rome Lesson 4

34 Arcitecture Science of building

35 Colosseum Roman sports arena

36 Gladiators People who fought animals in the Colosseum

37 Forum Roman Central Marketplace

38 Aqueducts Roman stone structures that carried water

39 Romance Languages Latin Based languages

40 Virgil Great Roman poet

41 Ancient Rome Chapter 7 The Birth of Christianity Lesson 5

42 Palestine The land of ancient Hebrews

43 Bethlehem City in which Jesus was born

44 Jesus Savior

45 New Testament Tells the story of Jesus

46 Christianity Religion based on Jesus

47 Nazareth Town where Jesus grew up

48 Apostles 12 closest followers of Jesus

49 Paul Apostle who was very successful at spreading the teachings of Jesus

50 Peter Apostle leader brought the message of Christianity to the Roman Empire

51 Bishop A church official who leads a large group of Catholics

52 Pope Leader of the Roman Catholic Church, Bishop of Rome

53 Constantine Roman General who became emperor of Rome. Favored Catholics

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