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Established: 1944 By: Kimberly Torres & Marie violet English 12 CP Per:2.

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1 Established: 1944 By: Kimberly Torres & Marie violet English 12 CP Per:2

2 ll. Historical background Nigeria government retook the region in 1907 Nigeria wins independence from Britain (1960) Achebe (the author) became a supporter of Biafra (political party) and acted as ambassador for the people of the new nation

3 II. NIGERIA 1960 TRIBES: Ibo and Ibibio

4 lll. About the author Chinua Achebe born on November 16,1930 Best known for his first novel and magnum opus" Things Fall Apart”(1958), most read in modern African literature. He's a catalyst (changes others views) His Christian influence and culture made a significant impact on children. Attended University of Ibadan. Studied literature and medicine.

5 lll. Continued He is married and has 4 children He lives in the United States and teaches in Bard College (New York). He is a Christian churchman. He received a B.A from London University in 1953. Also studied broadcasting at the British broadcasting corp. in London 1956

6 lV. Main characters and Introduction Main characters are Nene Atang (girl from Ibibio tribe) and Nnaemeka and his father Okeke (who are from the Ibo tribe). The setting takes place in Lagos, a large, modern city in southern, Nigeria. Introduction- the story starts out with a young man who is in love with his girlfriend from a different tribe, but is being forced into a marriage his father arranged him in.

7 lV. Climax The father struggles with depression due to his son marrying Nene. Consequently, the towns people started to say his son had Satan inside of him because he married an outsider. Okeke then realizes that he made a mistake by not being in his grandchildren's lives nor being their to support his son.

8 lV. Resolution At the end Nnaemeka and Nene were married for 8yrs and had 2 sons, but Okeke wasn’t really involved in their lives. One day he received a letter from Nene saying their children wanted to see him, but Okeke soon realized it might be too late for him!

9 lV. Central Theme Tradition shouldn’t get in ones way for happiness.

10 Conclusion what we have learned We both learned that in life we shouldn't care about what people say or think. Their comments shouldn’t stop us from being happy. Being their for your grandchildren and daughters/ sons is what matters the most than their religious beliefs.

11 V. Works Cited 1. Holt literature book 2. eNotes. Study smart 3. Chinua Achebe. 4. t./marriage t./marriage 5. 07

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