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Global Citizenship. Knowledge and skills, showing cross-cultural awareness, and valuing human diversity. The ability to work effectively, and responsibly,

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1 Global Citizenship

2 Knowledge and skills, showing cross-cultural awareness, and valuing human diversity. The ability to work effectively, and responsibly, in a global context. Knowledge of global perspectives on how disciplinary knowledge is represented and understood within other cultures; cross-cultural capability beginning with an awareness of our own culture and perspectives and the development of the confidence to question one’s own values and those of others responsibly and ethically; and responsible citizenship, actively engaging with issues of equity and social justice, sustainability and the reduction of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination.

3 Global Citizenship case study Jo Feehily Faculty of Business Brookes Teaching Fellowship project

4 Global Citizenship Project Aim Embed the Graduate Attribute Global Citizenship within the Business and Management suite of UG Programmes, focusing on: The external business environment and sustainable development Ethics Values Decision-making

5 Harnessing Students’ Views Module: International Business Context Year 1, Semester 2 Early in Semester: Survey of students’ perceptions of Global Citizenship & responsible leadership development Later in the module students receive teaching on Global Citizenship, Responsible Leadership and graduate attributes & feedback from the survey

6 During the lecture students engage with an interactive questionnaire which captures their perceptions of global citizenship, responsible leadership and the PRME and how they wish to engage with these ideas during their time at university This intervention has been carried out for 2 years and is a permanent mechanism on the module Findings are fed forward to following compulsory modules

7 Findings 1.Some students are confused about the language linked to Global Citizenship 2.Broadly, different student bodies expressed different views about the potential of Global Citizenship within curricula 3.Generally, international students showed greater engagement with and broader understanding of concepts included within Global Citizenship 4.Some students expressed an interest in Global Citizenship beyond curricula, e.g. voluntary work and outreach

8 Recommendations Educators cannot impose meaning in relation to Global Citizenship within and beyond curricula as this would be counter to the core focus on multiple perspectives, inclusivity, and diversity Educators can explore more opportunities to ask students to share and explore their ideas about learning, teaching and assessing Global Citizenship to inform curricula review and enhancement

9 Global Citizenship and Sustainability -Sustainability definition -Bruntland Report: “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” -Tends to be defend into three pillars, Environment, Society and Business. -It is fundamentally ethics of how we treat people and the environment

10 Global Citizenship and sustainability The sustainability team offers a range of ways to advise all staff on embedding education for sustainable development into programmes offered to students at Oxford Brookes. This can be through one to one consultation or a workshop, depending on the programme and the amount of input required. Sustainability

11 The Sustainability Team is here is help Team member Job title and contact detailsArea of expertise Henning ThielSustainability Manager x4634 Corporate social responsibility, Sustainability strategy and communications, environmental management system auditing Gavin HodgsonEnergy and Carbon Reduction Manager x4643 Carbon Management, Energy Efficiency, Low carbon technology Sebastian BlakeSustainability Assistant X2749 Environmental management systems, Waste Management and Travel Wendy VrijMarketing and Communications Officer x3903 Events and communications Jay QuayleSU Environmental Officer Biodiversity and Bee Keeping

12 We can help by -Giving general sustainability talks of 20 minutes or 1 hour to classes -Development of bespoke sustainability sessions where appropriate -Department away day -One to one support with lesson plans -Team development sessions -Supporting student sustainability projects

13 This year the Sustainability Team has: -Delivered sustainability presentations to over 500 students -Worked with architects to deliver post occupancy evaluations of the buildings onsite -Provided information to students carrying out environmental reviews of the University, including assessments of the cost effectiveness of incineration -Developing bespoke presentations -Assisting with integrating sustainability into academic skills for international students

14 International Foundation Diploma Programme Case Study

15 -The sustainability team worked with lecturers to develop sustainability topics for students -A site sustainability quiz was developed, with follow up research and projects -6 areas were explored: Travel, Energy, Waste, Water, Biodiversity and Sustainable Procurement -Project work and research was integrated into the learning outcomes and lesson plans

16 Resources for Sustainability - Examples for subjects including marketing, sports, religious studies, architecture and journalism http://insight- GreenerbyDegrees.aspx http://insight- GreenerbyDegrees.aspx -Resources for Art, Science, Medicine, Law, Social Sciences istol istol -FE resources for engineering and business management

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