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Motivation + Emotion What motivates you? Chapter 13.

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1 Motivation + Emotion What motivates you? Chapter 13

2 Definitions motivation: the drive to seek a goal, such as food, water, friends Instinct: genetically transmitted patterns of behavior across species UNLEARNED

3 Physical Motivators attaining pleasure and avoiding pain are BIG motivators in the brain, you find the centers of pain, pleasure, fear, rage, hunger, thirst, sex, aggression, excitement

4 Motivation  Drive-Reduction Theory  physiological need creates aroused tension state (a drive) that motivates to satisfy the need Need Drive Drive-reducing behavior

5 Motivational Forces Drive: force that pushes organism into action Goal: the target Homeostasis: balanced internal state (our main goal)

6 Motivation Theories Humanistic People motivated by the conscious desire for personal growth Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Sociocultural Culture determines how needs are met – Coffee or tea? – Hot dogs or tacos? – Fist bumps or cheek kisses?

7 HUNGER When depressed, stomach acid levels drop, salivation slows (not hungry) When angry, acid levels rise, cause nausea

8 Motivation: Hunger The hypothalamus controls eating

9 Where do hunger signals come from? 1. low glucose levels (blood sugar level) 2. Chemical receptors on the tongue 3. Taste (important at the beginning of eating)

10 Weight factors Obesity from inaccurate internal cues Rely on external cues (how food looks and tastes, not hunger feelings) Stress eating Set point: determines individual weight

11 Weight, continued evidence that weight based on heredity and metabolism Food should NEVER be a motivator for children

12 Thirst body 65-70% water- we need it always!!!! Signals: dry tongue Water intake is learned

13 2 Types of Motivation INTRINSIC: Motivation that comes from within – Leads to more creativity and happiness EXTRINSIC: Motivation that comes from the outside – Leads to detachment and negativity


15 Non-survival Needs

16 CURIOSITY MOTIVE need to see new, odd, different things the need to solve problems the more we know about something, the more we want to know

17 MANIPULATION MOTIVE drive to handle and use objects be stimulated by your environment

18 STIMULATION need physical stimulation to develop properly CONTACT COMFORT: happiness from soft physical stimulation studies done point to a physical need for contact in infants...leads to permanent scars (physical and emotional)

19 MASLOW'S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS We need to meet the basic needs before we can achieve the higher levels Food is more important than education

20 Exit Slip What kind of non-survival motivation is featured in the photo above? State your rationale.

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