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Cinemavision MRI video

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1 Cinemavision MRI video
Proven to reduce MRI sedation in Children

2 You want to put me…Where?

3 Going into the MRI…. Scary and noisy
About 6” above the patient head.. Or all they can see is the inside of the head coil .. Or mirror, but see MRI bore in periphery..

4 The common choice -- Sedate
Yale Hospital reports sedating over 36 children a week Hamilton Health Sciences reports a 50-60% reduction in the need to sedate using Cinemavision Average cost to sedate is $3,500-$4,000, the cost savings by reducing sedation is huge Reduce just sedations a month and pay for the system. Parents do not need to leave work all day to care for recovering child.

5 The Happy MRI Patient The Child can bring a favorite DVD to watch
The one they are mesmerized by… We teach your MRI techs and Child Life Specialists how to make the MRI a great experience for the Child using video Great for Claustrophobic Adults as well

6 The System In the MRI room MRI technologist station
MRI video goggles – to watch DVD, Hospital Cable TV channels, iPod. Child can see MRI technologist in the goggles MRI noise reducing headset – to speak with MRI tech and hear all audio MRI technologist station Controller – Computer, DVD player, TV receiver Remote Control for MRI tech to talk with patient MRI tech camera – so patient can see the MRI tech or parent

7 The Components MRI Patient Headset and Goggles in the MRI room

8 The Components MRI Patient Headset and Goggles in head coil
Easy patient set-up for the MRI technologist

9 The Components MRI Patient Headset and Goggles in head coil
Compatible with all MRI head coils

10 The Components MRI Patient in the bore Patient only sees the video
Noise reduction Positive 2 way communication between Tech and Patient “A stress free relaxing environment for world class patient care”

11 The Components MRI Controller at the MRI tech station
Simple to use DVD player Monitor to show what patient sees Tech camera – so Patient can see tech when they talk. Controller - DVD Player Tech remote to talk to patient

12 The Patient View With the goggles Like watching a 42” TV screen from
DVD of Italian, French Riviera With the goggles Like watching a 42” TV screen from about 6 feet away

13 The Patient View With the goggles
This is what the Patient will see… no peripheral vision of the MRI bore. DVD of Italian, French Riviera for Adults DVD for Children TV channel of choice Favorite DVD The Patient View With the goggles

14 The Child View.. A favorite cartoon
Parent can be called the day before and asked to bring the Childs favorite DVD Child and parent can see the video playing at the MRI tech station.. And then told they get to wear the “space age goggles” Less stress on child and comforting for parent Parent does not have to miss all day work

15 The Results Happy Children… and adult patients Happy Parents
Reduced sedation means Less stress on the child No sedation recovery No need for extra sedation staff or meds Reduced costs for the hospital Faster throughput for the MRI staff More MRI scans on the daily schedule

16 The Testimony from Customers
See for additional videos Thomasville Medical Center video click in the box to start We can also provide a Marketing Video for your facility.

17 The Testimony from Customers
OSF Illinois Children’s Hospitals MRIs can be scary. “We helped take away the scary” Beaumont Grosse Pointe, MI has been using the system since October and patients love it. Monroe Carrell Children’s Hospital Vanderbilt “In Ian's case, it was SpongeBob SquarePants that did the trick…. he stayed stock-still until emerging from the scanner, and he and his mother were soon on their way home. “

18 FAQS Children’s Hospital in Denver
The use of this video system reduced the number of children requiring sedation for MRI examination by 18%. In addition to reducing patient risk, this can potentially reduce cost. Vanderbilt Monroe Carrell Children’s Hospital “We have about two or three patients a week who are able to have their MRIs done without sedation that we believe would have had to be sedated without the option of a movie to watch” St Mary’s In Cincinnati The addition of Cinemavision has reduced pediatric sedation rates at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, or CCHMC, in Cincinnati. Before Cinemavision, 90 percent of MR patients under 7 years old at CCHMC were sedated. Today, only about 60 percent of this age group receives sedation. Hamilton Health Sciences in Ontario Canada Justified the purchase of the Cinemavision system in about 4 months just through the reduction in cost of child sedations. Docs order “MRI w/ video”

19 Price $44, List price Child Life Specialist discount: $3, Quantity buy discounts available Installation $2, “Compared to the cost of lost scans due to claustrophobia..and the cost of Child Sedation..this is a better option”

20 Installation and Training
Orders are filled within 3-4 weeks after Purchase Order Pre-install site visit as needed Installation takes ~4 hours after scanning is complete Training on site the next day for MRI techs with MRI patients, and for Child Life Specialists and MRI schedulers. Training also for those who call patients to confirm appointments .. “You will get to see the French Riviera during your scan tomorrow..or .. Bring in your favorite DVD” Training and orientation for hospital staff including MRI marketing. Marketing video for your facility

21 Warranty and Contact information One year parts and labor included. Bio-med will be trained in how to call support center, then remove and replace components. Extended Warranty available Custom Marketing video for your facility available David Salvadorini PO or fax to Salvadorini Consulting llc 111 Linden Lane Lexington, NC 27292 A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company

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