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Saint Mary’s Community Benefit Program

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1 Saint Mary’s Community Benefit Program
Going Beyond to Improve the Health of northern Nevada

2 Saint Mary’s Community Benefit Programs
At the core of the Saint Mary’s mission Services target identified community needs Describes our commitment to the health of our community The goal - improve the health of the community Improving access to health care for the underserved & poor Services not intended to promote Saint Mary’s

3 Why Provide Community Benefit Services?
The Mission of the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael The Mission of Saint Mary’s Justifies our not for-profit tax status Part of “doing business” as a Catholic hospital Wisely steward our resources

4 Systematic Planning for Community Benefit
Use Catholic Health Care guidelines & State of Nevada statutes Dedicated personnel to manage Community Benefit Systematic & consistent process to plan and evaluate programs Collect and report data on each program Reporting to the community since 2002

5 Saint Mary’s Priority Areas for Community Benefit
Improve access to medical care Improve access to oral health care Develop navigation and health support services Provide health professional education

6 Some of Our Community Benefit Programs

7 Immunization Programs
Flu, Hepatitis, Pneumonia and travel immunization programs Over 15,000 immunizations provided to the community

8 Nursing Students Clinical Training
Saint Mary’s is a training site for area colleges who are developing nurses to meet the critical demands of the national nursing shortage Clinical experience for student nurses Students receive clinical experience with patients on nursing units in the hospital, at community clinics and on a Take Care-A-Van Orvis School of Nursing, UNR Western Nevada Community College Truckee Meadows Community College Lassen Community College “I consistently request that Saint Mary be the acute care agency for my BSN Nursing students. I value the high level of interest in teaching the students shown by the saint Mary’s nurses. I believe the Saint Mary’s nurses are exceptional role models in caring and professionalism.” Emily Jo Hasley, MNSc, RN, Asst. Professor, Orvis School of Nursing, UNR

9 Personal Assistant Services (PAS)
Provide physically disabled persons with essential personal care so they can work, volunteer, go to school, maintain a family life and live at home Non clinical support for activities of daily living (eating, bathing, transferring) Over 160,000 hrs of service in 2005 Statewide service 170 employees

10 Nell J Redfield Health Centers on Neil Road and Sun Valley Blvd.
Primary care clinics Serving children and adults Affordable health care for low income patients Over 34,000 patient visits in 2005 Women’s health screenings and wellness promotion Community Cervical and Breast Cancer screenings Immunizations Pharmaceuticals "I receive the best care at the clinics. We are so grateful that they are there for us”, (Patient quote)

11 Project New Hope No-cost surgery for low income children
Physicians and staff donate their services (236 hours) Orthopedic, plastic, eye, ear, nose, throat and oral surgery 18 patients treated in 2005

12 Kids to Senior Korner Mobile Medical Outreach on the Take Care-A-Van
Medical outreach to low-income residents of hotels, senior living, motels, campgrounds and apartments. Over 50 community locations Immunizations Well child check-ups Medication advice Health Screens Referrals Knock and Talk approach brings protection, welfare, food and health services to the doorstep of low income residents Partnership with Washoe County Sheriff, Reno and Sparks Police Depts., Washoe County District Health Department, Washoe County Child Protective Services and Senior Services

13 “Recently, the Knock and Talk team discovered a family who was in need of diapers. The father had been laid off and money was scarce. Upon further assessment, one of our team members discovered that the baby was extremely underweight. Through much interagency assistance (Health Dept., Saint Mary's clinics, etc.), the baby was seen and received needed formula. The mom received nutritional counseling and ongoing monitoring through additional nurse visits and WIC counseling. Another team member helped the family successfully apply for Medicaid and Food Stamps. Everyone working together assured a good outcome!”

14 Women Infant and Children Nutrition Program (WIC)
Mobile services on the Ronald McDonald House Charity Van Services at Redfield Clinic, and 8 community locations Nutrition financial assistance for pregnant women & infants Nutrition counseling Health referrals Dental services

15 “A three year old female WIC client was found to be at-risk-for-overweight. Her seven-year-old sister was extremely overweight as were both of her parents. When the WIC Case Worker expressed their concerns to the mother she decided it was time to make some changes. Our WIC nutritionist reviewed the families diet and routine with the mother and discussed ways to improve their eating habits by reducing portion sizes, exercising and making healthier food choices. The family was very motivated and made many changes regarding eating and physical activity habits. After a few months the three year old girl was no longer at risk for being overweight, her 7 year old sister was no longer overweight, her mother had lost 15 pounds, and her father had lost 10 pounds. They made simple healthy changes for the entire family, which resulted in very positive outcomes.” (Leah McClanahan, WIC Supervisor)

16 Mobile Dental Outreach
70’ mobile Take Care-A-Van dental facility Child and adult dental care General dental practice for low income patients 10 locations in 2 counties

17 “Great service. I feel so very lucky to have this service in Fernley for my son. Thank you.”
(The parent of a patient)

18 Subsidized and Uncompensated Health Services
Charity Care to low income patients Unpaid costs of medical care from Medicaid, Medical and Nevada Check-Up Indigent Care to low income patients

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