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Mathematics Strategy: Grades Primary–6 Mathematics: Home-School Communication Resource.

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1 Mathematics Strategy: Grades Primary–6 Mathematics: Home-School Communication Resource

2 The Department of Education is pleased to present…

3 The Mathematics: Home-School Communication box!

4 Let’s look inside…


6 Overview The resource makes it easy for grade primary–6 teachers to inform parents and guardians about their children's mathematics education and involve them in what their children are learning.

7 CD—Electronic Files All the paper files and folders packed in the box are also available electronically on the CD. That means you can always print another copy of anything that’s here.

8 Letters & Newsletters You can keep parents up-to-date on what their children are learning in class by sending out letters or regular newsletters. The communication box contains both sample newsletters and letter templates, as well as tips on how to create your own.

9 Sample Letter

10 Sample Newsletter

11 Curriculum Night Curriculum nights offer a great opportunity to involve parents in student learning by explaining what’s going on in class. We’ve put lots of goodies in the communication box to make your curriculum night the best it can be…

12 Curriculum Night Contents —Introduction —Letter —Homework Information —Summaries & Overheads – Grade Primary —Summaries & Overheads – Grade One —Summaries & Overheads – Grade Two —Summaries & Overheads – Grade Three —Summaries & Overheads – Grade Four —Summaries & Overheads – Grade Five —Summaries & Overheads – Grade Six —Learning Outcomes Framework

13 Curriculum Night Summary and Overhead Samples

14 Student-Led Conferences A student-led conference is an effective alternative to parent-teacher interviews. Conferences allow students to take responsibility for their learning by sharing a portfolio of their work with the people they care about most—their parents. The goal of these conferences is to improve communication between home and school as well as to promote the development of the students’ organizational and leadership skills.

15 Student-Led Conference Support Resources Here’s what the communication box contains to help you set up student-led conferences… —Introduction —Sample Letters  Invitation  Thank You —Session Templates

16 Family Math Night Family math nights are informal evenings during which students, siblings, and parents are invited to the school to do math-related activities. The whole family becomes engaged in the child’s learning. Here’s what we’ve packed in the communication box to help you make your school’s event a success…

17 Family Math Night Contents —Introduction —Letter —Grade Primary —Grade 1 —Grade 2 —Grade 3 —Grade 4 —Grade 5 —Grade 6

18 Family Math Night Sample Activity

19 Pamphlets Pamphlets are another good way to get your message about mathematics learning into the hands of parents. Pamphlets will be coming to your school on a variety of topics, and there is a place for spares to be stored in the communication box.

20 Curriculum Strand Pamphlets Let’s Talk about… —Mathematics: Grades Primary–3 —Number Sense: Grades Primary–3 —Operations Sense: Grades Primary–3 —Patterns: Grades Primary–3 —Measurement: Grades Primary–3 —Geometry: Grades Primary–3 —Data Management and Probability: Grades Primary–3

21 Mental Math Pamphlets Let’s Talk about… —Mental Math: Grades 1–3 —Mental Math: Grades 4–6

22 Sample Pamphlet

23 Video & Books Your communication box also contains three books and a video for your reference in communicating with your parent community. Here’s what you get…

24 This video features live classroom scenes; insightful commentary from curriculum expert Marilyn Burns; and interviews with parents, not to mention testimonials about the importance of mathematics in the workplace. Video: Mathematics: What Are You Teaching My Child?

25 She covers the following topics in detail: –Newsletters –Back-to-School Night –Parent Conferences –Homework –Classroom Volunteers –Family Math Night “In this book, Nancy Litton explores the many ways teachers can communicate successfully with parents about their children’s math education.” Book: Getting Your Math Message Out to Parents

26 “This guide is intended to help family members understand changes in mathematics education and to suggest ways that they can support their children’s learning of mathematics.” Book: A Family’s Guide: Fostering Your Child’s Success in School Mathematics

27 “The purpose of this book is to present a collection of articles that highlight helpful strategies and ideas and to describe some of the successful programs that further the goals of family participation in children’s mathematics learning.” Book: Involving Families in Mathematics Education

28 That’s All, Folks! We do hope you find all the goodies in your communication box helpful. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use these resources to make your school’s communication with its parent community about mathematics education even MORE effective. This message will not self destruct in ten seconds, but hey—you get the idea!

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