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Manajemen Strategik; An Overview

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1 Manajemen Strategik; An Overview
Mohammad Arief

2 Why a firm need a Strategy
Mintzberg Setting Direction STRATEGY Focussing Effort Defining the Organization Providing Consistency

3 Thinking Strategically: The Three Big Strategic Questions
Where are we now? Where do we want to go? How are we going to get there? These are three important questions to answer in developing a strategic plan: Where are we now? Where do we want to go? How are we going to get there?

4 What is Strategic Management?
Strategic Management is an art and science of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives (Fred R. David, 2008). Strategic Management is the approaches to grow, attract and please clients, compete successfully and achieve targeted levels of organizational performance (Arthur A. Thompson, 2010)

5 What is Strategic Management? (contd.)
In ultimate analysis Strategic Management is the Quest for Competitive Advantage. 4 most frequently used strategic approaches: Striving to be the industry’s low-cost provider Outperforming rivals based on quality, diversity, style, technology, value –added services etc Focusing on a narrow market niche Developing capability that rivals can’t easily imitate.

6 What is Strategic Management? (contd.)
Strategic Management focuses on Integrating management, Production/operation. Financing/accounting, Marketing, Research & development, MIS

7 Prime Task of Strategic Management
Peter Drucker: -- Think through the overall mission of a business. Ask the key question: “What is our Business?”

8 Integrating Intuition and Analysis
The strategic management process attempts to organize quantitative and qualitative information under conditions of uncertainty

9 Integrating Intuition and Analysis
Intuition is based on: Past experiences Judgment Feelings Intuition is useful for decision making in: Conditions of great uncertainty Conditions with little precedent

10 Involve Management at all levels Influence all Analyses
Integrating Intuition & Analysis Intuition & Judgment Involve Management at all levels Influence all Analyses

11 Integrating Intuition & Analysis
Analytical Thinking Intuitive Thinking

12 Benefits of Strategic Management
Financial Benefits Improvement in sales Improvement in profitability Productivity improvement

13 Benefits of Strategic Management
Non-Financial Benefits Improved understanding of competitors strategies Enhanced awareness of threats Reduced resistance to change Enhanced problem-prevention capabilities

14 Why Some Firms Do No Strategic Planning ?
Poor Reward Structure Fire Fighting Content with Success Overconfidence Prior Bad Experience Fear of Failure Waste of Time

15 Why Strategic Planning/Management may fail?
Strategic planning to satisfy regulatory requirement, Top management not actively supporting the strategic planning process Failing to involve key employees in all phases of strategic planning Becoming so engrossed in current problems that insufficient planning is done Failing to communicate the strategy to employees who continue working in dark

16 A Comprehensive Strategic-Management Model (fred r. David)

17 Basic Elements of the Strategic Management Process (Wheelen & Hunger)
Prentice Hall 2006

18 The Five Tasks of Strategic Management (Thompson & strickland)
Craft a Strategy to Achieve Objectives Set Develop a Strategic Vision and Mission Implement Execute Improve/ Change Revise as Needed Recycle as Needed Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Task 5 Monitor, Evaluate, and Take Corrective Action

19 Strategic Analysis and Choice
Proses Manajemen Strategik (Pierce Robinson) Company Mission, Social Responsibility, and Ethics External Environment ( Global & Domestic) . Remote . Industry .Operating Internal Analysis Strategic Analysis and Choice Long-term Objective Generic and Grand Stretegies Short-term Objectives; Reward System Functional Tactics Policies Feedback Organizational Structure, Leadership and Culture Major Impact Minor Impact Stregic Control,Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

20 The Strategic Management Process
Chapter 4 Internal Environment Chapter 3 External Strat. Intent Strat. Mission The Strategic Management Process Strategic Inputs Strategy Formulation Strategy Implementation Chapter 5 Bus. - Level Strategy Chapter 6 Competitive Dynamics Chapter 7 Corp. - Level Chapter 9 International Chapter 10 Cooperative Strategies Chapter 8 Acquisitions & Restructuring Chapter 11 Corporate Governance Chapter 12 Structure & Control Chapter 13 Strategic Leadership Chapter 14 Entrepreneurship & Innovation Strategic Actions Strategic Outcomes Feedback Above Average Returns Chapter 2 Strategic Competitiveness Chapter 1 Strategic Competitiveness Chapter 1

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