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MS. JOHNSON ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT II. JANUARY 5TH Target: I can identify verbs. Agenda: Model Quizlet Go to the lab and sign up memorize the.

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3 JANUARY 5TH Target: I can identify verbs. Agenda: Model Quizlet Go to the lab and sign up memorize the words and practice.

4 DIRECTIONS watch as I model the website ver como me modelar el sitio web We will need to learn all of these words by February Tendremos que aprender todas estas palabras en febrero

5 JANUARY 7 TH Target: I can put new words and phrases into sentences. Agenda: Go to the lab to study and practice first 10 terms. Write 10 sentences using your new terms. Write 10 questions using your terms.

6 HOW TO WRITE A SENTENCE. Review Nouns Review Verbs

7 HOW TO ASK A QUESTION. Do you Can You/I Why When How What

8 JANUARY 9 TH Short Reading and speaking Review with nouns and verbs worksheet. Work on Vocabulary worksheets. To practice for the quiz! Quiz over 1 st ten vocabulary terms on Tuesday! Cuestionario sobre primera diez términos de vocabulario el martes! Know all of the vocabulary on Quizlet by February. Conoce todo del vocabulario en Quizlet en febrero. Connaître tous le vocabulaire sur Quizlet par Février.

9 JANUARY 13 Target: I can identify new vocabulary words. 10 Term Quiz I can use regular verb tenses. Introduce verb tenses. Practice sheet

10 PRESENT bakebakes balancebalances banbans bangbangs batbats bathebathes battlebattles beambeams

11 PAST Each regular verb has a past form that adds “ed” to the word. bakebaked balancebalanced banbanned bangbanged batbatted bathebathed battlebattled beambeamed

12 FUTURE Will bake Will balance Will ban Will bang Will bat Will bathe Will battle Will beam

13 JANUARY 15 Target: I can identify different regular verb tenses. Agenda: Get words Write them in the spaces and translate Write them on cards using different verb tenses Place on the wall where they go Complete the sentences Introduce PowerPoint and create verb-tense PowerPoint for your words.

14 VERBS You will get 8-10 new vocabulary words to practice. Usted recibirá 8-10 nuevas palabras de vocabulario para practicar. Vous obtiendrez 8-10 nouveaux mots de vocabulaire à la pratique. Write them on the sheet and look for the translations. Escribir en la hoja y mirar por las traducciones. Écrivez-les sur la feuille et chercher les traductions.

15 VERBS Choose one of the vocabulary terms to write on the notecards. Elija uno de los términos de vocabulario para escribir en las fichas. Choisissez l'un des termes de vocabulaire pour écrire sur les cartes de correspondance.

16 VERBS Complete sentences using different verb tenses. Completar frases utilizando diferentes tiempos verbales. Phrases complètes en utilisant différents temps de verbes.

17 2/13/15 Target: I can use different verb tenses. Agenda: Turn in stories Verb tense lesson Practice with new verbs

18 SOME VERBS USE REGULAR FORM: Past= Walked Present = Walk or Walks or Walking Future= Will walk

19 TELL ME THE VERB TENSES. We walked yesterday. ______________ She is walking today. ______________ She will walk tomorrow. _____________ I like to walk. ___________________

20 SOME ARE IRREGULAR AND USE DIFFERENT FORMS: Drive Past= Drove Present= Drive or Drives or Driving Future= Will drive

21 TELL ME THE VERB TENSES. She will drive tomorrow. ______________ She likes to drive the car. _____________ She drove the car to the store. __________ She is driving the car. _____________

22 VERBS Read and say the new verbs with me. Complete the activity. Unscramble the sentences Write 5 sentences using the new verbs. Quiz over new verbs on Thursday.

23 CATCH Past Present Future

24 CRY Past Present Future

25 DANCE Past Present Future

26 DRAW Past Present Future

27 DRIVE Past Present Future

28 FIGHT Past Present Future

29 FLY Past Present Future

30 JUMP Past Present Future

31 KICK Past Present Future

32 KISS Past Present Future

33 LAUGH Past Present Future

34 SCREAM Past Present Future

35 SING Past Present Future

36 TALK Past Present Future

37 THINK Past Present Future

38 THROW Past Present Future

39 WALK Past Present Future

40 2/11/15 Target: I can use verb different verb tenses. Agenda: Create Accounts on Quizlet PowerPoints

41 FOR YOUR PRESENTATION… Create a new page on powerpoint for every word. Add a picture and translation. Use the word in a sentence. Crear una nueva página en powerpoint para cada palabra. Añadir una imagen y la traducción. Créer une nouvelle page sur powerpoint pour chaque mot. Ajouter une photo et de la traduction.

42 BACK Translation: espalda My back does not hurt. (Present Verb)

43 We will Print the slides to study the words. Save the PowerPoint to you OneDrive.

44 JANUARY 7 Target: I can identify the verbs and correct tenses of the verbs in a text. Agenda: Review Vocabulary Practice

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