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Lesson 3: What is Interdependence?

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1 Lesson 3: What is Interdependence?
Unit 3 Lesson 3: What is Interdependence?

2 Objective By the end of this lesson you should know what interdependence is. By the end of this lesson you should know why interdependence is important.

3 Partner Exploration Think about these questions:
Can hummingbirds drink nectar from any flower? How do honeybees find the flowers they visit? What attracts butterflies to certain flowers? Today’s exploration is to predict and draw what kind of flowers a honeybee, butterfly and hummingbird would eat from.

4 Let’s Check: Honeybee: Butterfly Hummingbird

5 Interdependence Interdependence - the dependence of organisms on one another for survival Organisms help each other survive What organisms help us (people) to survive?

6 Interdependence Populations of animals are interdependent on each other to survive How are these animals dependent on each other?

7 Relationship The connection between organisms
Different organisms helping each other survive What are these organisms’ relationship? Ants and Aphids Clown Fish and Anemone

8 Pollinate To transfer pollen from the male to the female part of a flower Why do organisms need to pollinate plants?

9 Pollinate What kinds of animals help pollinate flowers? Humming Birds
Butterflies Insects: Bees Humming Birds Bats

10 Animals Helping Plants
Besides pollinating, how else do animals help plants? Seeds come out in animal droppings after being eaten. Animals carry seeds in their fur. Animals burry seeds and forget about them.

11 Plants Helping Animals
How are these plants helping the animals?

12 Closure Name a pair of organisms that are interdependent.
Would a flower that a butterfly gets food from be big or small? Why?

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