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GALAXY® GX2 Automated Test System

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1 GALAXY® GX2 Automated Test System
Product Presentation

2 GALAXY® GX2 Automated Test System
Advanced Safety Management Effortless Operation

3 GALAXY GX2 Overview Replaces the current MSA GALAXY System
Simplifies bump testing and calibration Offers new features such as full data access and management Provides a proactive vs. reactive safety platform Delivers a vastly improved user experience Enables customers to save time, gas and money Serves the entire ALTAIR family of products

4 Same Great GALAXY Features
Testing is fully automatic No user intervention is required at the test stand Tests up to 10 instruments simultaneously Based on MSA’s patented gas delivery system Supplies enough gas to all ten test stands Saves time and money True standalone operation No PC required for test stand operation Datalog access (MSA Link Pro) requires PC

5 NEW Features of GALAXY GX2
Ease of use improvements Color touch screen with 18 language options Easy access to all data with the MSA Link Pro Dashboard view of alerts and other key information Easy system setup Cost-of-ownership savings Faster testing and calibration – Saves time Reduced calibration gas use – Saves Money Proactive gas detection fleet management by addressing: Gas exposure issues and trending Missing/failed calibrations and bump tests Low calibration gas volumes and gas expiration warnings

6 GALAXY® GX2 Background

7 Definition – Bump Test & Calibration
Bump Test – Qualitative function check Check unit’s ability to respond to a challenge gas within a given amount time. For typical applications, a bump test is sufficient to determine the general functionality of the detector. A bump test confirms that gas entries are free and that the sensor(s) are functioning. Full Calibration – Accuracy adjustment Adjustment of the sensor(s) output to match the known traceable calibration gas concentration. Full calibration ensures maximum accuracy of the instrument.

8 Why Bump Test and Calibrate?
There are many corporate, local, or regional recommendations and/or requirements for bump testing and calibrations Why bump test? All sensors will eventually fail. Some fail suddenly and some fail over a long period of time. Bump testing will alert the user of a non-functional sensor. This failed condition could be a loss of sensitivity, a loss of response time, or both. Gases or vapors must be able to reach the sensor. Bump testing will alert the user if a gas inlet has become blocked, even if the blockage is not visible to the human eye. Why calibrate? All sensors will have some amount of drift over time. Calibration ensures that the instrument is reading as accurately as possible. Situations like over-exposures, introduction of poisons, heavy impacts, or extreme environmental changes can cause sensors to be less accurate. Calibration will correct for these potential uncontrollable effects.

9 Why use an Automated Test System?
Makes bump testing and calibration so easy, that anyone can do it Records/stores bump testing and calibration records for traceability Tracks bump testing and calibrations over an entire fleet of instruments, and can provide alerts of failures or overdue units Can print bump receipts or calibration labels to provide visual indication of compliance Can download alarm indications, datalogs, and other information from the instruments into customizable reports so that the entire instrument fleet can be easily and proactively managed Track gas usage, gas expiration, end of sensor life warnings, sensor replacements, and instrument history to reduce down-time and overall maintenance costs

10 Overview – Instrument Self-Test
Many detectors on the market today, including MSA, perform an automatic self-test. MSA gas detectors perform a self test at instrument turn-on or after the “test” button is pressed. Self-tests generally check the electronic circuit and that sensors are present. They also typically light the display and sound the alarms so they can be verified by the user. Today’s self-tests cannot confirm gas entries are free from any blockages or that the sensor(s) are responding to gas. A Bump test is necessary to confirm that gas is reaching the sensor and that the sensor is functional. Fresh Air Set-up (FAS) is not a bump test. It only refreshes the zero point and does not indicate sensor functionality.

11 MSA Recommendation Bump test frequency is often stipulated by national or corporate regulations; however, bump testing before each day’s use is the accepted best safety practice to verify proper instrument operation. Customers who want to maintain the maximum amount of accuracy may choose to calibrate each day instead of bump testing. A calibration should be performed after a failed bump test. A full calibration should be performed at regular intervals according to national standards or internal company policies, and after any failed bump tests. If high accuracy is desired, a daily calibration is allowed and will not damage the sensors or shorten their life. If a calibration of one or more sensors repeatedly fails, the sensor(s) need to be replaced or instrument should be removed for servicing.

12 GALAXY® GX2 Description

13 Simplicity Counts GALAXY GX2 Test System provides simple and intelligent Automated bump testing Automated calibration Automated data download option Gas detection fleet management including Complete system and gas detection control Total data access Dashboard overview for clear, fast information if any action is required Report generating Automated notifications Provides traceability, complete documentation and reliability for ALTAIR family gas detectors ALTAIR, ALTAIR PRO, ALTAIR 4/4X, ALTAIR 5/5X

14 Robust industrial housing
GALAXY GX2 Test Stand Robust industrial housing Status LED Green - Test stand fully functional Blinking Green - Test Stand is testing or datalog downloading Blinking yellow - Test stand error Red - last calibration or bump test failed Touch screen display

15 GALAXY GX2 Test Stand Test stand to test stand connection SD Card port
USB port Gas plugs – need to be in place if test stand is the farthest right

16 GALAXY GX2 Test Stand Fresh Air Filter – at top port if no further cylinder holder used Barb Fittings – Ensure all five barb fittings are in place and straightened before connecting a Cylinder Holder or another Test Stand

17 GALAXY GX2 Test Stand Power supply connection
Test Stand Ethernet Ports – Needed for use with optional MSA Link Pro. Connect and communicate between multiple test stands. One USB port on the Master Test Stand is used to communicate with the MSA Link Pro software application on a PC.

18 GALAXY GX2 Test Stand The GALAXY GX2 System test stand comes with
Pre-configured plugs, barbs, fresh air filter Power supply with corresponding plug (NA, EN, UK, Australia) Spare parts kit (gas tubing, barbs, plugs) Ethernet cable (For connection between test stands) Product CD Quick-Start Guide Screen protector

19 Important System Components
Smart electronic cylinder holder Includes integrated gas regulator For use with RFID-tagged MSA calibration gas cylinders Non-electronic cylinder holder (without regulator)

20 Other Gas Delivery Options
Manual gas set-up allowed for non-MSA gases Each of four gas channels will have six entry slots for gases Expiration date only provided via RFID Tag Can still directly connect gas to GALAXY GX2 To reduce cost, cylinder holder not required Large, floor standing cylinders can be connected

21 More Important System Components
MSA Link Pro Software key Allow advanced, procactive safety management Digital secure USB key Allows users to configure and change gas detector settings Ensures only authorized users can change settings; Security step in addition to the four-digit password.

22 System Components Multi-unit charger
For charging ALTAIR 4/4X or ALTAIR 5/5X Test stand printer and printer cable Detector sticker label roll (2800 labels/roll) Receipt & sticker label roll (375 labels/roll)

23 System Components End cap 4 GB SD card Laminated quick start guide
Protects memory card and all external connections 4 GB SD card Save calibration and bump records Laminated quick start guide Type Omega DIN rail (perforated, steel, zinc-plated) In 0.5 m, 1 m and 2 m

24 GALAXY® GX2 Features & Benefits

25 Ease of Use Pre-connected gas tubing and communication path
Fast, easy and error-free setup, simple extension Combine up to 10 different test stands and four cylinder holders into one GALAXY GX2 bank Easily expandable system Extreme flexibility

26 Ease of Use Color Touch Screen Multilingual - 18 languages
Intuitive menu-driven operation; minimal training needed Enhanced user experience at the test stand Multilingual - 18 languages Simplifies use and reduces training

27 Ease of Use Automatic start for instrument testing; no touch operation at the test stand Simple to use touch-free testing Minimal training needed Can be set-up to meet the specific needs of the user Function as a completely stand-alone system (no PC required) With a local PC or As a complete network solution

28 Ease of Use MSA Link Pro Software
Easy access: test data, field datalogs, system configuration Easy point-and-click data sorting

29 Cost of Ownership Reduction
Optimized for MSA XCell Sensors Fast response time combined with Smart stability-based calibration algorithms in the GALAXY GX2 Faster bump tests Faster span calibration time Minimize time and gas usage…saves you money

30 Cost of Ownership Reduction
Simultaneous testing or calibration of up to 10 gas detectors in parallel Saves employee’s time and overall maintenance costs Remote setting changes of instruments via digital secure USB key Easy change of setting to an entire instrument fleet Reducing downtime, maintenance time and costs

31 Cost of Ownership Reduction
Fully automated calibration gas recognition by MSA RFID-tagged calibration gas cylinder Automatically enters gas cylinder information Providing exceptionally easy setup and ensures the use of correct gas Easily track gas usage and gas expiration

32 Proactive Safety - MSA Link Pro Software
Dashboard view, with ability to filter End-user knows at a glance if action is required

33 Proactive Safety - MSA Link Pro
Advanced MSA Link Pro Software At a glance dashboard overview Clear, fast information if any action required Proactively manage safety by addressing gas exposure information and missing or failed calibrations and bump tests Query the system for gas exposures or detectors overdue for bump/cal, and then responses to users

34 Manage Safety = MSA Link Pro
Give customers access to the data they want and make it usable Access to all Testing Data Bump & Calibration Records Access to all Datalog Lo, High, TWA, STEL Exposures Session & Periodic Access to GALAXY banks View gas pressure and expiry status (MSA gas) Configure GALAXY systems remotely

35 Manage Safety = MSA Link Pro
Ability to sort and report with one click End-user customizable Print and/or save individual calibration & bump reports Calibration/Bump Records Print and/or save exposure records

36 Proactive Safety – MSA Link Pro Software
Reporting page example

37 Proactive Safety – MSA Link Pro Software
Reporting page example

38 Proactive Safety – Smart Cylinder Holder
Electronic cylinder holder offers: RFID tag readings (on MSA labeled calibration gas) Fully automated calibration gas setup providing part numbers, gas types, concentrations, expiration date and lot number Reduction of user errors Traceability Live diagnostics by active monitoring of pressure and gas expirations Low calibration gas volume and expiration warnings

39 Proactive Safety – Smart Cylinder Holder
Pre-warn – visual clues to cal gas status via Light band and three LED colors – green, yellow, red alerts MSA Link Pro software dashboards alerts View status at a glance

40 Proactive Safety Print calibration stickers for gas detectors and cal & bump receipt Provide easy and fast user information Cal Sticker

41 Proactive Safety End-of-Sensor-Life Warnings Automated e-mail alerts
Reports or notifications can be generated for XCell sensor End-of-Sensor-Life warnings Allows proactive maintenance & reduced downtime Automated alerts List of conditions and events can be sent via the test stand or MSA Link Pro software with an active network connection

42 Integrated Multi-Charger
Cost- and space-effective design Can be used: Independently Attached to GALAXY GX2 bank Available for ALTAIR 4/4X or ALTAIR 5/5X

43 GALAXY® GX2 Practical Use

44 How Does It Work? GALAXY GX2 looks for instrument via IR
Once inserted, GALAXY GX2 reads instrument configuration and starts automatically Instrument is automatically tested according to the setup of the GALAXY GX2 Bump test only Calibration only Bump test and if instrument failed, calibration of instrument Automatic instrument data download option can be set-up

45 Easy Operation Insert instrument into test stand*
Wait for pass/fail indication Green (PASS) means Red (FAIL) means *Note – For ALTAIR and ALTAIR Pro models, the button on the instrument must be pressed prior to inserting unit into the test stand

46 GALAXY® GX2 Review – Unique Features

47 Ease of Use Effortlessly Test, Calibrate, Download
Extremely simple to use Automatic start Operates without the touch of a single button at the test stand Color touch screen Enhances user experience at the test stand 18 languages available for test stand and MSA Link Pro Simplifies usage and reduces training Very flexible system Completely stand-alone system – No PC or controller required Can also be used with local PC or as a complete network solution Combine up to 10 different test stands and 4 cylinder holders into one GALAXY GX2 bank

48 Cost of Ownership Save Time, Save Gas, Save Money
Optimized for MSA XCell Sensors Up to 50% reduction in cost of ownership, based on reduced calibration gas expenses and reduced testing and calibration time Simultaneously test or calibrate up to 10 gas detectors Saves employee’s time and overall costs Fully automated calibration gas recognition by MSA RFID-tagged calibration gas cylinder Exceptionally easy setup; ensures correct gas usage Easily track gas consumption and gas expiration Built-in pressure transducer alerts for low gas volume

49 Proactive Safety Command, Control, Configure
MSA Link Pro Software Proactively manage safety by addressing gas exposure information and missing or failed calibrations and bump tests At a glance dashboard overview Clear, fast information if any action required Total record-keeping for compliance and trending Complete documentation; one-click easy access and reporting Automated alerts Highlights if certain action required Low calibration gas volume and expiration warnings Provided by the GALAXY GX2 System and via advanced MSA Link Pro Software Print calibration stickers for gas detectors Provides easy and fast user information

50 GALAXY® GX2 Automated Test System
Advanced Safety Management Effortless Operation Questions?

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