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H. K. Conley Elementary Curriculum Night Guide Fifth Grade 2011 - 2012.

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1 H. K. Conley Elementary Curriculum Night Guide Fifth Grade 2011 - 2012

2 5 th Grade Teachers Mrs. Anderson – 11 th year of teaching, Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University. Mrs. Barakat – 5 th year of teacher, Master’s Degree in Curriculum Instruction from Arizona State University. Ms. Grassi – 5 th year of teaching, Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Michigan State University. Ms. Pearson – 6 th year teaching, Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Utah Valley State College.

3 Science Scientific Process Science Experiments Science Fair Human Body Muscular System Skeletal System Nervous System Earth and The Solar System Planets Objects in sky Gravity Physical Science Properties and changes in matter Motion and forces

4 Social Studies… The Making of America Geography  Exploration  Colonization Events leading to the Revolution Constitution and Declaration of Independence FREEDOM Civil War

5 JA BizTown An exciting feature of the fifth grade year is the ECONOMICS unit of study. Students learn about opportunity cost, scarcity, needs, wants and are involved in the process of completing job applications and resumes. This preparation leads to real life application at “ BizTown, ” a Junior Achievement model city, which the students operate for one day. We are scheduled to visit BizTown in May. We will be looking for a number of parent volunteers. As the time approaches, we will be recruiting you!

6 Math Math Facts Memorization of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Math Series Scott Foresman/ Addison Wesley Math Book Building on Prior Knowledge Multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, measurement, conversions, problem solving, & algebra New Concepts Decimals, data analysis, discrete math, math vocabulary and terminology

7 Reading Harcourt Series Every week each story has a different theme - survival, historical fiction, author studies, biographies, courage, and heroes Reading Block – 60 minutes of Guided Reading Accelerated Reading – AR reading Independent reading in which every student should finish at least 4 books a quarter at his/her AR reading level. The students are expected to pass the AR test with at least 80%. Students should be AR reading 20 – 30 minutes each night at home.

8 Language Arts Harcourt Series –Proofreading –Grammar –Genres of writing 6 + 1 Traits –Organization, Word Choice, Voice, Sentence fluency, Ideas, Conventions +1 Presentation Spelling –Harcourt Words –Grammar / Phonetic groups Writing Process Pre-writing Drafting Revising/Conferring Editing Publishing Reflecting

9 Daily Schedule 8:30 School Begins Library 10:40 - 11:05 Music Block Anderson Day 2 8:40 – 9:20 12:30 – 1:05 Lunch/Recess Barakat Day 6 8:40 – 9:20 3:00 Dismissal Grassi Day 3 8:40 – 9:20 90 Minutes of Math Pearson Day 4 8:40 – 9:20 60 Minutes of Reading 40 Minutes of Language Arts 50 Minutes of Social Studies/Science 40 Minutes of Computer Lab Weekly

10 Final Notes Graded work goes home weekly in Friday Folders Bi – Weekly Newsletter Specials Schedule - PE, General Music, Band, and Orchestra Morning Procedure Agendas – each student is expected to demonstrate responsibility for his/her assignments with little reminder from anyone. Tax Credit Please consider making a tax credit donation early this year – up to $400 for couples and up to $250 for single persons. This money comes back to you in the form of a tax credit! Field Trips Homework – Your child can expect to have between 30 – 50 minutes of nightly homework Monday through Thursday. Snacks – Your child is encouraged to bring a water bottle and a nutritional snack that will keep him/her going strong and steady! Volunteers

11 Fun Friday Passports The Six Pillars of Character will guide us through the year when it comes to making choices here at Conley. The Six Pillars are Respect, Responsibility, Citizenship, Caring, Trustworthiness, and Fairness. Each student starts the week with three Behavior and two Classwork/Homework stickers. If a student decides to make a decision that affects his/her learning and/or the learning of others, a sticker will be removed from the behavior part of the Passport. If a student does not complete a homework assignment or his/her AR log signed, a sticker will be removed from the Classwork/Homework part of the Passport. In order to go to Fun Friday, a student must have a sticker in both the Behavior and the Classwork/Homework part of the passport.

12 When Visiting Campus Please be sure to check into the office upon arrival and receive a Visitor’s Badge. This is for the safety of the children.

13 Textbook Receipt Students are responsible for their own textbooks. Your child’s teacher will have a form for you to sign. Please see her after this session.

14 Thank You! We’re looking forward to a productive and exciting school year!

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