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Clery Act and Study Abroad: How to Comply in Far Away (and not so Far Away) Places.

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1 Clery Act and Study Abroad: How to Comply in Far Away (and not so Far Away) Places

2 The Fine Print General overview only For more detailed information: *Study Abroad/Study Away *UNC Asheville University Police *Office of General Counsel

3 What’s Clery? The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) Enacted by Congress in 1990 after Lehigh University was assaulted and murdered in campus residence hall Crime and fire statistics collection and publication law Intended to assist students/others in informed decision-making about attending, visiting or working at a particular institution

4 What Does Clery Require? Collect, classify, count and report crime and fire statistics Provide timely warnings and emergency notifications Publish an annual security and fire safety report

5 Where Do I Fit In? Not all crime reported to police Some crime reported by victim or witness to other trusted university officials Campus Security Authority (CSA) You

6 What Do I Have To Do? Report to University Police Clery Act crimes occurring on UNC Asheville’s Clery geography made in good faith to you, or that you become aware of Do not attempt to investigate or try to independently determine if a crime took place Crime reports can be reported without revealing the victim’s identity: When in Doubt, Report it to University Police!

7 What Do I Have To Report? Clery Geography Clery Crimes On campus On public property within or immediately adjacent to campus On non-campus property owned or controlled by UNC Asheville Criminal Homicide Sex Offenses Robbery Burglary Arson Aggravated Assault Motor Vehicle Theft Dating/Domestic Violence Stalking Hate Crimes Liquor, drug and weapons arrests/disciplinary referrals

8 How Does This Apply to Study Abroad? Clery Geography = Property that UNC Asheville owns or controls through written agreement Examples * Office building in Paris leased by UNC Asheville to be its “European Campus” * Hotel rooms rented by UNC Asheville Study Abroad group while visiting Prague * Tuscan villa leased by UNC Asheville for an archeology- themed Study Abroad group

9 Test Your Knowledge… While leading a UNC Asheville Study Abroad trip to Greece, Professor John Smith learns of a burglary that occurred in the hotel room of one of his students while on the trip. Reportable? While touring the Swiss Alps with her UNC Asheville Study Abroad group, Professor Jane Smith sees a man robbing a French wine vendor in the lobby of the UNC Asheville Center for the Study of the Swiss Alps, a facility leased by UNC Asheville from the Swiss Government. Reportable? While leading a Study Abroad trip to England, Professor Pat Cline learns that someone was assaulted seven blocks away from the hotel occupied by the Study Abroad group. Reportable?

10 Questions? When in Doubt, Report it to University Police!

11 Points of Contact Study Abroad/Study Away 828.232.5037 University Police 828.251.6710 Office of General Counsel; 828.250.3835

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