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Last Word: No homework FrontPage: Turn in your homework to the back box. You are now done with the 9-week grading period.

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2 Last Word: No homework FrontPage: Turn in your homework to the back box. You are now done with the 9-week grading period.

3 Key Issues in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

4 Key Issues Land and the “Occupation” Settlements Refugees Jerusalem The Security Barrier

5 Land and the “Occupation” This is the heart of the conflict Jews believe the area of Israel/Palestine was promised to them by God to Abraham Also based on the need for a haven for Jews of the Diaspora (the “scattering”) Palestinian claims on the land are based on residence in the area for hundreds of years Palestinians also comprise the demographic majority


7 British mandate of Palestine before WWII

8 UN Plan for Partition After WWII, the UN recommended that Palestine be separated Israeli state (tan) Palestinian state (purple) After British troops leave in 1948, war breaks out…

9 After the 1948 War of Independence Israel drives out the attackers…occupies most of Palestine Egypt takes Gaza Strip Jordan controls West Bank Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees flee Israel for surrounding areas

10 The 6 Day War Israel makes major territorial gains Takes Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula from Egypt Takes Golan Heights from Syria Takes W. Bank from Jordan Seizes East Jerusalem

11 The “Occupation” The two regions of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of the Jordan River were/are considered “occupied territories”. Israel has “occupied” or “liberated” these territories since 1967. Many nations consider these two territories to be land for a “Palestinian state”. **They will be at the center of the debate over a possible “homeland” for Palestinians. Recently (2005), Israel ended its occupation of the Gaza Strip

12 “Occupied Territories”

13 The Camp David Accords (1979) Signed between Anwar Sadat (Egypt) and Menachim Begin (Israel) **First Arab-Israeli peace treaty Egypt agrees to recognize (accept) existence of Israel Israel agrees to return control of Sinai to Egypt **Many Arab nations were angry with this agreement

14 The Oslo Accords (1993) Signed between Rabin (Israel) and Arafat (PLO) Israel and PLO agree to recognize each other. PLO promises to stop attacking Israel Israel agrees to withdraw from occupied territories **They return later in response to terrorist activities Arafat becomes head of Palestinian Authority – group responsible for controlling the Palestinian territories

15 Current borders of Israel

16 Unresolved Issues Settlements, Refugees and Jerusalem

17 Settlements Israelis have built “settlements”, or housing developments, in many areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (**now dismantled) Some of these settlements are considered illegal under UN resolutions

18 Settlements

19 The “Refugee Question” Refugees: Those who fled Palestine after the creation of Israel in 1948 Located in refugee camps in several places outside Israel West Bank, Gaza, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, the Sinai The “Right of Return” to their homes and lands is a key issue of contention

20 Refugees Refugee camps were supposed to be temporary places for Palestinians Have become permanent settlements for generations of Palestinians

21 The Question of Jerusalem The center of three religious: Christianity, Judaism and Islam East Jerusalem is home to sacred sites of all three Both Palestinians and Israelis would like to make Jerusalem the capital city of their nations.

22 Holy Sites in Jerusalem

23 Temple Mount or Haram al Sharif Judaism: Site of the First and Second Temple in ancient times known in Jewish tradition as the "abode of God's presence". Islam: Called the “Noble Sanctuary” One of the three most important sites in Islam


25 The Western (“Wailing”) Wall Judaism The holiest site in the Jewish faith Believed to be the remains of the first and second Jewish temples


27 Dome of the Rock Islam Believe that this is the place where Muhammad ascended into heaven


29 The Al-Aqsa Mosque Islam: the third holiest mosque in Islam. The mosque was the first direction of prayer, before Mecca in western Saudi Arabia became the focal point of Muslim worship.


31 One additional issue: The Security Barrier Israel has planned and begun construction on a security wall around sections of the West Bank Also referred to as the “Apartheid Wall” Aim is to provide a barrier between Palestinians and Israelis to prevent attacks Construction is underway in the West Bank Some parts are completed

32 The Security Barrier


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