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Updated Principal Training October 15, 2014 Part 3 Attestations – Section 1119 Hiring requirements & Use of Funds Part 2 GA PSC CAPS Tool Part 1 HiQ Overview.

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1 Updated Principal Training October 15, 2014 Part 3 Attestations – Section 1119 Hiring requirements & Use of Funds Part 2 GA PSC CAPS Tool Part 1 HiQ Overview “From Title IIA Macon meeting Part 4 Equity Requirements

2 Part 1 Slide 3 – Who must be HiQ Slide 4 – What are the core academic areas Slide 5 – Assignment/Certificate/Knowledge Slide 6 – New Teacher Pathways 1, 2, and 3 Slides 7 – 14 - Teaching assignments & HiQ Slide 15 – Resources

3 Part 1













16 Part 2 Slide 17 – Using the PSC Site to find CAPS Slide 18 – First look at the CAPS search area Slide 19 – CAPS Example of a HiQ search Slide 20 – Search Results

17 CAPS provides a way to check certification requirements.

18 Once you access the GA PSC CAPS area, you can enter the information using the drop down arrows. I suggest you exit and re-enter the CAPS section between each search. (My experience has been that the field information persists after a search which leads to incorrect searches)

19 CAPS Example A teacher is certified to teach Middle Grades (4-8) – Science. You need to identify course in which the teacher would be considered HiQ Enter the Certification Field and press:

20 The search returns the following results. The CAPS tool provides a detailed list of the course(s) considered to be HiQ with each certification.

21 Part 3 Slide 22 – 23 – Principal Attestations Slide 24 – Section 1119 Teacher Requirements Slide 25 – Section 1119 Paraprofessional Requirements Slide 26 – Use of funds Slides 7 – 14 - Teaching assignments & HiQ Slide 15 – Resources

22 Principal Attestations must be signed at the start of each school year. Georgia Department of Education Title I, Part A and Title II, Part A Section 1119 Qualifications for Teachers and Paraprofessionals Verification of Compliance – Principal Attestations and Assurances The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), states in Title I Section 1119(h) that each local educational agency (LEA) shall require that the principal of each school operating a program under Section 1114 – Schoolwide Programs or Section 1115 - Targeted Assistance Schools attest annually in writing as to whether such school is in compliance with the requirements of Section 1119. In addition, in accordance with Georgia Implementation Guidelines ESEA, Title II, Part A 13.10, LEAs are required to maintain documentation signed by each principal and the Title II, Part A Coordinator that the current data reflects the highly qualified status of teachers assigned to their respective school (Title I and Non-Title I) and that principals have reviewed their school’s equity data.

23 1.Maintained at each school in the district 2. Maintained at the main office of the school district and 3.Available to any member of the general public on request. Copies of attestations shall be:

24 Requirements for Section 1119 – Teachers –1st day requirement all funded program teachers must be HiQ –Plans for Non-HiQ must be developed and updated annually increase HiQ percentage increase number of teacher receiving HiQ Prof. Development Plan may include additional measure directed by school or district *** Progress must be reported in the consolidated Application***

25 Requirements for Section 1119 – Praprofessionals All paraprofessionals hired after January 8, 2002, hired with Title I funds must meet “1” of the following requirements: 1. complete 2 years of study at an institution of higher education 2. Obtain an associate degree (or higher) 3. Met a rigorous standard of quality and can demonstrate through a formal state approved assessment the knowledge of, and the ability to assist in instruction, reading, writing, and mathematics, or assisting in instructing and the readiness of above named subject areas, as appropriate. Title 1 paraprofessionals will not be assigned a duty inconsitent with duties outlined in Section 1119. Paraprofessionals will work under the direct supervision of a teacher with Section 1119.

26 Use of Funds Title I, Part A funds may and Title II, Part A funds must be used to assist teachers and paraprofessionals in satisfying the highly qualified requirements of Section 1119. Not less than 5 percent or more than 10 percent of Title I funds for the current fiscal year must be used for professional development activities to ensure that teachers (and paraprofessionals) who do not meet the highly qualified requirements of Section 1119. Districts may spend less than 5 percent of their allocations for this purpose if they can demonstrate a lesser amount is sufficient to ensure all high qualified requirements will be met.

27 Part 4 EQUITY Slide 28 – Equity Monitoring Slide 29 – Equity Issues Slide 30 – Equity Documentation Slide 31 – Locating the Equity Plan

28 Equity Monitoring a)No student should be taught by inexperienced teachers 2 consecutive years in the same subject b)No student should be taught 2 consecutive years in the same subject by teachers who scores are below the AMO c)Students should have equitable distribution in the classroom. (Miller County school demographics indicate 40% to 60%) d)Class size should be equitable.

29 Equity Issues If issues are present, please indicate a response in your meeting minutes. EXAMPLE: If a teacher is below AMO they should be targeted for professional development. NOTE: While some inequity may exist that can not be surmounted, the inequity should be identified and acknowledged.

30 Equity Documentation Principals need to review equity and ensure compliance with Title IIA. Please maintain, and forward minutes of equity planning to the Title II coordinator. Equity planning and action plans must be created to comply with Title II.

31 The Miller County School System Equity Plan Go To: @ HTTP://EQ.GAPSC.ORG

32 From the menu select Published Plans Home Registration Log In Published Plans About Us Help In the Find Plan type in the Keyword: Miller Click To access the Equity Plan

33 Click for Summary for the Current School Year The summary provides a sequenced view of the Equity plan. Examples: I.1 Describe the LEA : I.2 Provide LEA Equity Belief Statement : Click System Name: Miller County The System Name link provides a tabular view of the plan. You can navigate through the plans components using labeled tabs. OR

34 Please Practice On-going review of: Professional Development Needs Highly Qualified Staffing School Equity Thanks: James Phillips (Title II, Part A Coordinator

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