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Chapter Eight Destination Management Companies (DMCs)

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1 Chapter Eight Destination Management Companies (DMCs)
MEEC Chapter Eight Destination Management Companies (DMCs)

2 Introduction A DMC is a professional management company specializing in the design and delivery of events, activities, tours, staffing and transportation utilizing extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources. Specialize in their particular locality.

3 Introduction DMCs work cooperatively with airlines, hotels, resorts, convention centers, alternative venues and transportation companies. DMCs refer to the entire activities and services for a client as a “program.” DMCs are also an important element in incentive travel.

4 Services Offered by DMC’s
Hired by meeting planners, DMCs can provide: Hotel and event venue selection Creative itineraries Special event and creative theme concepts Event production Sight-seeing options Team building Activities Meeting support services Transportation planning and delivery Dining programs Entertainers Speakers VIP services Staffing services Budgeting and resource management

5 DMC Clients & Customers
Clients and Customers are defined as those who plan meetings, exhibitions, events, conventions and incentive travel programs. May contract direct with the event sponsoring organization, or May contract through an independent planner

6 DMC Clients & Customers
DMCs act as the local destination’s “eyes and ears” for the the planner: Provide un-biased and experienced-based suggestions: Logistics Venues Event concepts Social program content Both a Consultant to and a Contractor for the planner

7 DMC Clients & Customers
Corporate Meetings National Sales Meetings Training Meetings Product Introductions Dealer / Customer Meetings Conventions / Conferences Trade Shows Fraternal Organizations Educational Conferences Political Conventions

8 DMC Clients & Customers
Incentive Programs Sales, Dealer & Service Manager Incentives Special Events Sporting Events Super Bowl Final Four Basketball PGA – LPGA Golf Tournaments Olympics Important Corporate Occasions

9 Structure of a DMC Many are small, stand alone operations, locally owned and operated Others are regional, national or international in scope with multiple destination offices Some have a strong affiliation with a particular hotel or resort

10 Structure of a DMC Management and Administration Sales and Marketing
General Mgr. Office Mgr Accounting Mgr. Executive Ass’t Admin. Ass’t Receptionist Research Assistant Sales and Marketing Dir. of Sales Dir. Marketing Dir. of Special Events Sales Mgr. Sales Coord. Proposal Writer Research Analyst

11 Structure of a DMC Operations and Production Field Staff
Dir. Operations Dir. Special Events Operations Mgr. Production Mgr. Transportation Mgr. Staffing Mgr. Field Staff Meet & Greet Staff Tour Guide Transportation Mgr. Event Supervisor Field Supervisor Equipment Mgr.

12 Structure of a DMC General Manager
Sales Office Operations Special Events Director Manager Director Director Sales Mgr Operations Mgr Coordinator Sales Coordinator(s) Transportation Mgr Staffing Mgr

13 DMC Resources Products Reputation Experience Relationships
Suppliers and Vendors Credit and Buying Power

14 The Business Process Basic Business Requirements Staff
Temporary Field Staff Office Technology Licenses and Insurance Community Contacts Customer Contacts History of Success Destination Resources

15 The Business Process The Sales Process Business Opportunities
Specialization Association Corporate meetings and events Incentive travel International travel Identifying New Business Sales and Marketing Plans Industry events & association memberships Sales calls & community sales efforts Utilization of representation firms Newsletters, brochures & collateral materials

16 The Business Process The Proposal Stage Site Inspections
Project Specifications Research & Development Creativity and Innovation Budgets Response Time Pricing Competition Site Inspections A physical review of of proposed venues, services tours and/or activities prior to the actual program.

17 The Business Process Contracts of Services Identify buyer and seller
Dates of contracts and of services Detailed itinerary of each service and its pricing Detailed listing of services and items included Deadlines, costs and procedures for changes Force Majeure clause Guarantees Deposit and Payment policies Cancellation policy Participation by minors Remittance instructions

18 The Business Process Program Preparation
Move from active selling to program operations Confirm with suppliers Response to client changes and requests Project manager is assigned Staff, supervisors, tour guides, escorts are hired and briefed Program Operations and Production Billing and Follow-up

19 The Business Process Program Operations and Production
Transportation management Event production Toru and Activity management Support staff supervision Supplier/vendor management Meeting support Customer relations On-site changes, challenges, contingencies Trouble shooting Community liaison Information source

20 The Business Process Billing and Follow-up
Final invoice reflects the contractual agreements Additions or deletions indicated Try to get planners approval of billing on site Follow-up evaluations of DMC services by client Debriefing of staff

21 Review Services Offered by DMCs Clients and Customers
Structure of a DMC Resources Business Process Basic Requirements Sales Process Contracts Program Preparation, Operations & Production Billing & Follow-up

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