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Equal Chances to European Integration through the use of the European Language Portfolio 2004-2007 Coordinator: PROSPER-ASE Language Centre, Bucharest,

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2 Equal Chances to European Integration through the use of the European Language Portfolio 2004-2007 Coordinator: PROSPER-ASE Language Centre, Bucharest, Romania This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This document reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

3 Presentation Overview Introduction to the project – background, objectives, target groups, expected impact Focus on dissemination strategies used for the various target groups

4 Background to the project Introduction of the ELP (the EAQUALS/ALTE version for adults) in Romania (2000) Its piloting by various QUEST schools Dissemination of info about the ELP in a variety of circles by QUEST

5 Preparation Contact seminar Krakow, Poland June 2003

6 Preparatory meeting Romania September 2003 Participants representing National School Associations, universities, language centres and the media discussed the idea of a joint project

7 More preparation! Submitting of the Pre-Project Proposal Submitting of the Final Project Proposal Finally… 2004….

8 Hooray!!!!

9 OUR PARTNERS National Associations (QUEST Romania, PASE Poland, QLS Greece, PRIMA Croatia) Universities, Language schools Vocational training institutions ONGs Mass media representatives Countries represented: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia

10 Objectives To promote language learning among adults belonging to various social and professional groups through the use of the ELP To increase the chances of social and professional integration through the learning of foreign languages To contribute to standardising the levels of achievement in language learning

11 Target Groups  Authorities (Ministry of Education, of Labour)  Employment Agencies, employers, HR managers  People in vocational training, multipliers in general  Adult language learners (15+)  Employees/unemployed in project countries

12 Expected impact Decision makers (ministries, employers) will become aware of the existence and advantages of using the ELP as a document certifying the employees’ language competences End users of the ELP will increase their chances of mobility and employability and they will have better access to European values in general

13 DISSEMINATION Dissemination strategies Dissemination materials Dissemination activities

14 Dissemination strategies STEP 1 Developing criteria and instruments for needs analysis Identifying representatives of target groups in the partner countries Carrying out the needs analysis Analysing the results

15 Dissemination strategies STEP 2 Designing of info materials for promoting the project Translation Publication Guidelines (e.g. Employer’s Guide)

16 Dissemination strategies Establishing info-points Collecting the latest resources on ELP-related issues, relevant for dissemination

17 Development of materials for dissemination Products so far: Leaflet and poster in English Wall calendar for 2006 and 2007 in English ELP published in Greek ELP translated into Polish ELP being translated and validated into Slovak and Lithuanian, Estonian, Dutch Postcard

18 Adapting the dissemination strategies According to target group - Different message - Different dissemination materials - Different media used

19 Development of materials for dissemination  Production/translation of guidelines for various target groups into national languages – work in progress e.g. The Employers’ Guide – translated into Romanian, adapted in Polish  Public Relations Guide for the partner institutions of EuroIntegrELP (Austria)

20 Language learners Messages: Show what you can do Learn a foreign language Invest in your future Media: Sapte seri (free info brochure) Print run: 35.000 copies Distribution: Bucharest and main Romanian cities


22 Language learners - activities Presentation and actual introduction of the ELP (in universities, language schools, etc.) Designing and introducing of language learning activities based on self assessment Involving them in the production of dissemination materials about the ELP for their peers

23 Language learners - activities Writing of units in language textbooks introducing the idea of self assessment Introducing testing principles based on the descriptors in the ELP

24 Language learners - activities


26 LEARNING AND GROWING – Cavaliotti 2005 Unit: CITIZEN OF EUROPE Author Liliana Dellevoet OBJECTIVES After studying this unit you will: Become aware of what it takes to study and/or work in the European Union Understand how you can plan and monitor your own progress in language learning Develop self-evaluation skills and take responsibility for your own language learning

27 Multipliers Activities - Face-to-face presentations - Workshops on the use of the ELP - Debates, national and international conferences Media Articles in professional publications (e.g. ELT News) Dissemination materials - Leaflets- Samples of textbook units - Calendars

28 Multipliers - activities

29 Multipliers – dissemination materials

30 Decision makers/authorities Activities - introducing the ELP to officials in the relevant ministries, in universities, Language Departments (various languages) - informing them about the EuroIntegrELP project

31 Public at large Media : Radio (Interviews) - Radio Romania Cultural, Radio Delta RFI Written press - Cotidianul, Banii nostri, Capital, Adevarul Yellow Pages

32 Dissemination Establishing the virtual environment for dissemination activities, updating information Face to face meetings with target groups Multiplier events Press conferences Various/imaginative dissemination activities

33 EuroIntegrELP – planning ahead Publication of around 10,000 copies of the EAQUALS/ALTE ELP in project languages Printing of more dissemination material in project languages Further disseminating the project and the ELP and its benefits in project countries and not only

34 Thank you! Liliana Dellevoet EuroIntegrELP Project coordinator PROSPER-ASE Language Centre Bucharest, ROMANIA

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