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1 Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010

2 What is CSA 2010? FMCSA initiative to improve effectiveness and efficiency of agency’s enforcement and compliance programs Applies to motor carriers AND drivers

3 Why CSA 2010? Current Operational Model Limitations Ltd intervention options for safety investigators Ltd number of SI compared to large number of carriers Safety Fitness Determination tied to compliance review (CR) CR is labor intensive – only reaches small % of total carrier population annually Reduce number of trucking accidents

4 New Operational Model Consists of 3 key elements: Safety Measurement System (SMS) Allows for earlier identification of demonstrated safety problems Intervention Process Allows a variety of intervention methods instead of the current option – a labor intensive compliance review New approach to Safety Fitness Determination

5 New Safety Measurement System (SMS) Uses crash records and ALL roadside inspection safety- based violations to determine carrier/driver safety Assigns weights to time and severity of violations based on relationship to crash risk Calculates safety performance based on 7 BASICS (Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories) Updated monthly - Triggers intervention process When implemented, will review prior 2 yrs of safety data

6 SMS BASICs BASICs focus on behaviors linked to crashes: Unsafe Driving ( Parts 392 & 397 ) Fatigued Driving ( HOS – Parts 392 & 395 ) Driver Fitness ( Parts 383 & 391 ) Controlled Substances/Alcohol ( Parts 382 & 392 ) Vehicle Maintenance ( Parts 393 & 396 ) Cargo Related ( Parts 392, 393, 397 & HM Regs ) Crash Indicator

7 New Intervention Tools Warning Letters Investigations Offsite Investigations Onsite Investigations – Focused Onsite Investigations – Comprehensive Follow-on Corrective Actions Cooperative Safety Plan Notice of Violation Notice of Claim Operations Out-of-Service Order (OOS)

8 Safety Fitness Determination Current limitation: only issued with onsite CR Snapshot of carrier compliance at time of most recent CR Safety rating: Satisfactory, Conditional or Unsatisfactory Proposed SFD: Uses all onroad safety performance data in SMS Updated monthly Safety rating: Continue to Operate, Marginal or Unfit Proposed Rulemaking on SFD expected March 2010

9 Safety Fitness Determination CSA 2010 will use existing safety rating process until new SFD process goes into effect Drivers will not be rated Ratings based on investigation findings Onsite investigations can result in Satisfactory, Conditional or Unsatisfactory ratings Offsite investigations do not result in a rating

10 National Implementation Operational Model Field tests ongoing in select states Summer 2010 Replace SafeStat with SMS Send SMS results to roadside inspectors Roll out nationwide by end of 2010 Training for enforcement groups Warning letters sent

11 What Can Carriers Do To Prepare Now? Understand the BASICs Check and update records Motor Carrier Census Form (MCS-150) Ensure compliance Review inspections violation history over past 2 yrs Address safety problems now Educate drivers about how their performance impacts driving record and safety rating of carrier

12 Important Website Links CSA 2010: Inspection and crash reports: Analysis & Information online – FMCSA –Compliance reviews –Roadside inspection data for CMV/drivers –Traffic stops

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