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3 I don’t see that in the REGS!

4 Agenda Quick Review - SAP Academic Plans New tricks – Tools and Process Old dogs – Getting staff and departments on board Benefits for Students, College, etc.

5 Satisfactory Academic Progress Student progress is measured against three tests. Cumulative GPA Pass Rate for attempted hours Program-Required Hours vs. total attempted hours At CCTC, we check SAP status at the end of each semester.

6 Cumulative GPA At CCTC students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to maintain eligibility for continued financial assistance. 2.0

7 Pass Rate for Attempted Hours At CCTC students must pass a minimum of 67% of ALL attempted hours to maintain eligibility for continued financial assistance. 67%

8 Program-Required Hours At CCTC students may only receive financial assistance for 150% of the hours required for their official Program of Study. Required hours x 1.5 = Maximum Hours 150%

9 Program-Required Hours Example: Associate Degree in Nursing requires 68 credit hours for completion. 68 x 1.5 = 102 So, an ADN student may only receive financial assistance for a total of 102 attempted hours. 150%

10 Good Students who meet the requirements to receive continued financial assistance are placed on Good status and are eligible for aid.

11 Warning Students who do not meet the requirements to receive continued financial assistance are placed on Warning status and are allowed one semester to regain eligibility.

12 Suspension Students who do not meet the requirements to receive continued financial assistance for two consecutive semesters are placed on Suspension status and are not eligible to receive financial assistance.

13 Danger Students who are within 15 hours of the 150% Program-Required Hours are placed in Danger status and may continue to receive aid until they reach the maximum.

14 Appeal Students who are placed on Suspension status have the right to an Appeal. Acceptable reasons for an appeal are limited to circumstances that are unforeseen and beyond the student’s control.

15 Probation If the appeal is approved, the student is placed on Probation for 1 semester. The student must have an ACADEMIC PLAN approved if the student cannot get back into good standing within 1 semester.

16 Academic Plan An ACADEMIC PLAN must map out and specify how long the student is to remain on Probation. The plan can be specific and include not only courses to be attempted but minimum grade requirements as well.

17 New Tricks- Tools and Process 1.Probation Contracts 2.Graduation Plans 3.Student Progress Plans 4.Appeal Limits 5.Withdrawal forms 6.SAP Calculator 7.Reporting and Follow-up

18 Probation Contracts 1.Student signs contract. 2.Copies go to F.A. Office, Student and Student Records. 3.Student Records locks the student’s registration so that no adjustments can be made.

19 Probation Contracts..\Forms\Central Carolina Technical College probation contract.docx

20 Graduation Plans 1.Graduation Plans are prepared by student (and advisor if available) and attached to appeals. 2.They serve as a model for the Academic Plan. 3.Appeals without a Graduation Plan are not processed or accepted.

21 Student Progress Plans  When a student is initially placed on Warning or Danger, they receive a follow up letter after next enrollment.  The student is required to meet with advisor within the next 10 weeks and together prepare a SPP.

22 Student Progress Plans  SPP will specify students enrollment for up to 4 semesters if needed.  After meeting with advisor, student will bring completed SPP to F.A. counselor and determine whether student will go to suspension or back to good standing.

23 Student Progress Plans  Student and FA counselor will determine what current semester GPA must be in order to avoid suspension.  If suspension is unavoidable, the student now has months to prepare an appeal if they have a valid reason. If no reason, the student can now start saving for tuitions expenses or save refunds from current semester to pay for future terms. 1.85 GPA

24 Student Progress Plans..\Forms\Degreeworks.pdf..\Forms\grad plan.pdf

25 Appeal Limits 1.Schools can determine a limit of appeals. 2.Once the student has met the limit, they will no longer be able to appeal and will have to pay out of pocket until they meet eligibility requirements again. 3.Students may not want to waste an appeal if they have limited chances.

26 Withdrawal Forms 1.Students required to see F.A. Counselor 2.SAP status discussed before completed. 3.Student presented with consequences and given information to base an informed decision.

27 Withdrawal Forms..\Forms\For office use only kens edits.docx

28 SAP Calculator 1.SAP Calculator used to calculate pass rate and GPA under different scenarios...\SAP Calculator.xlsx

29 Reporting/Follow-up 1.Advisors are given a list at the beginning of the semester of advisees needing an SPP. 2.Advisors can prepare SPPs in advance. Can be proactive and even initiate contact with student if they wish. 3.It is in the best interest of the Advisor to be aware of advisees needing SPPs so they do not all make last minute appointments. 4.Completed SPPs are tracked by the F.A. office and Department Heads to ensure students have had opportunities to meet with advisor.

30 Reporting/Follow-up 1.Follow-up emails are sent to students in the middle of semester to remind them of deadline. 2.Two weeks before deadline, a Call Campaign is initiated by our work study students. 3.Emphasis in telling students that they will not be eligible to submit an appeal for the upcoming semester if they go to suspension and failed to turn in a SPP.

31 Old Dogs – Getting Staff & Departments on Board 1.All parties involved have to buy into the process. 2.They have to see the value to motivate and make the needed changes.

32 Benefits to students,Schools, etc. Students benefit from the knowledge that they are getting… in advance… so they can make informed decisions and prepare for upcoming issues.

33 Benefits to students,Schools, etc. Advisors, F.A. Staff, etc. can be more proactive and in helping students that are struggling academically. Hopefully preventing students from losing their financial aid eligibility.

34 Where are we now? 1.Reduction of students on suspension by 4% after initial semester introduction. 2.Five weeks before final grades are due, we have notified: 46 students they are going to suspension 54 students what they need to avoid suspension 48 students changed back to Good Standing.

35 Ultimately … WE are here to help students.

36 As a result… Taking the extra time with students demonstrates that you care! It makes the Counselor, Advisor, Department, College, etc. look good!

37 Remember… Helping students achieve their goals….should be yours too!

38 Any Questions ?

39 Thank you!


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