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We’ve got it! Solar Solutions. Overview Intro to Solar and industry overview MicroFIT – Application and Rules How does Solar work – System overview Osso.

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1 We’ve got it! Solar Solutions

2 Overview Intro to Solar and industry overview MicroFIT – Application and Rules How does Solar work – System overview Osso Solar Product Line Conducting Site Visits for your Customer Selling Point Hands-On Training

3 WHAT IS SOLAR? The power of the sun… Solar is clean, efficient, and a sustainable form of energy All of the earth’s potential energy from coal, oil & natural gas are matched by just 20 days of sunshine Solar energy is available almost anywhere and is growing rapidly worldwide

4 INDUSTRY OVERVIEW (Ontario) Ontario has the best financial incentive in the world for solar power OPA’s Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) pays fixed prices for solar power produced; guaranteed for 20 years MicroFIT (<10kW) – 80.2 c/kWh FIT (>10kW) – 71.3 c/kWh Note: As of Jan 1, 2011, all jobs must have at least 60% of the product made in Ontario

5 THE MARKET MicroFIT makes a majority of the market 10kW is a targeted system size <10 kW are easy to price, supply and install >10 kW involve more engineering, lead time and regulatory requirements

6 MicroFIT APPLICTION PROCESS Register (Register to Register) Apply (Need Acct #) Wait for Approval

7 MicroFIT Steps (Hydro One) 1. Review the microFIT program information available on the Ontario Power Authority’s website. 2. Complete the microFIT application on the OPA’s website. Once the application is completed, your project will be issued a Reference Number. 3. Receive a Conditional Offer of a microFIT contract from the Ontario Power Authority. 4. Complete the Micro-Generation Connection Application Form (Form C) available on Hydro One's website and submit it to the Business Customer Centre by email, mail or fax. Details are available on Form C. (Please note that the required microFIT Reference Number must be included on the application).Micro-Generation Connection Application Form 5. Hydro One will contact customers by email with the required documents and payment request for the associated costs of connection. 6. Begin your project installation and apply to the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) for Electrical Inspection. 7. After obtaining ESA authorization to connect, Hydro One will make the necessary modifications for the connection such as the replacement/addition of the meter(s), and the opening of a separate account to record the output of the generator. 8. Hydro One will verify all the required documents, and then communicate to the Ontario Power Authority that your project has been connected. 9. Execute your microFIT contract on the Ontario Power Authority’s website to receive payment for your power generation.


9 How does it Work?

10 HOW DOES IT WORK? - DC current is fed into an inverter, which changes the DC to AC, which is measured and fed into the grid - Photons from the sun impact a solar (PV) panel, causing electrons to “jump” onto a conductor, creating DC current


12 SYSTEM COMPONENTS Solar Panels (array) Racking DC Disconnect Inverter AC Disconnect Revenue Meter Parallel Connection to Grid

13 PARALLEL CONNECTION As of today, all solar systems in Ontario must connect to the grid via a parallel connection (Line side) There will never be the need to touch the existing breaker panel

14 PANEL TECHNOLOGY 3 types of solar panels: Monocrystaline, Polycrystaline and Thin Film Mono – produced using the same “batch” of silicon - high efficiency, high cost Poly- produced using a mix of silicon – average efficiency, average cost Thin Film – chemicals “painted” onto glass – lowest efficiency, lowest cost

15 TYPES OF PANELS Monocrystaline Polycrystaline Thin Film

16 Product Line

17 PRODUCT OFFERING Zilla Racking Lumin Solar Panels SMA Sunny Boy inverters, Combiner Boxes and Monitoring Systems Siemens Disconnects Tyco Connectors and Cabling Solmetric Suneye and Design Software

18 Zilla Racking Systems Manufactured in Ontario Easy and fast installation Fully adjustable & modular – Save labour costs, limited tools required Slots can be used to conceal wiring Industry’s best protection against roof leaks Uses standard 3/8” bolts Made of recycled aluminum and is 100% recyclable


20 Zilla Racking Systems 10kW Ground Mount System Zilla Helical anchoring

21 Zilla Racking Systems Flat Roof Ballasted System Zilla “RED 3” racking system No roof penetration Low Tilt angle to reduce wind loading

22 SMA Grid-tied Inverters SMA is the world leader in solar inverter technology and manufacturing The inverter converts the DC current generated in photovoltaic cells into AC suitable for the grid High efficiency – increased output means increased revenue! Acts as an intelligent system manager, responsible for yield monitoring and grid management Production in Ontario to meet Domestic Content requirements

23 Lumin Solar Highest Quality, High Watt Density Mono- crystalline PV modules Anodized Aluminum Alloy frame and tempered glass for rugged protection Bypass diodes designed in to minimize effect of partial shading For 2011, will be manufactured in a state of the art facility in Thornhill, Ontario to meet all domestic content requirements CSA Approved

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