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Interviews and selection centres Peter Wakelam Business Improvement Programme Manager.

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1 Interviews and selection centres Peter Wakelam Business Improvement Programme Manager

2 Agenda The recruitment process Assessment Centres Activity One The BT Competencies Activity Two Face to face interviews Activity Three Hints and tips Questions and answers

3 The recruitment process Assessment Centre A mix of capability interviews, role play scenarios and paper based tests. Assessment Centre A mix of capability interviews, role play scenarios and paper based tests. Your career starts here Interview and Testing A mix of online psychometric tests and telephone interviews. Interview and Testing A mix of online psychometric tests and telephone interviews. CV and Application Form Standard online application system. CV and Application Form Standard online application system.

4 Preparing for assessment centres Know the company – understand the company’s business – think about what they are looking for in you values, capabilities, and skills what are you assessed against? – be familiar with the role/graduate scheme Know yourself – be familiar with your application form – understand your strengths and weaknesses

5 Activity One - Knowing the company In pairs: – List 5 products or services that your potential employer provide. – Now describe them – does your partner understand your description?

6 What do BT provide? Technology consumables Phone book 21CN VOIP Business process consultancy Information management Networked IT service provider Government policy advisor Software development and deployment Future technology development Core and emergency communication network Broadcast / On Demand TV Media and Broadcast Solutions Sub-sea cables Manage historic and cultural land marks BT Community Connections BT Education Programme BT Satellite Services BT Yahoo internet Connected Earth Museums CRM & Contact Centres Security and Compliance consultancy Identity Management Operational Risk Management Applications Management and Hosting Carbon Impact assessment – Sustainable practices. Network Design Wholesale access

7 What employers are looking for throughout the process BT Competencies Showing these competencies at all stages of the application process is as important as having good examples to answer the questions These competencies remain a key part of employee assessment and development once you are in the business. They are an integral part of the companies identity and employees are expected to show them at all times.

8 The BT recruitment competencies Create Strategy Customer Connected We put customers at the centre of all we do Bottom Line We own BT’s performance - profitable growth and customer satisfaction Inspiring We create and deliver new possibilities Align for Execution Heart We win hearts and minds, mobilising others behind BT’s strategy Drive for Results We drive for business improvement for BT and our customers Helpful We work as one team for customer success Lead Others Trustworthy Trusted to do the right thing, by customers, colleagues and partners Straightforward Making things simple for our customers, colleagues and partners Coaching for Performance We help individuals and teams achieve their full potential Personal Qualities Resilience & Confidence Flexibility & Agility Learning Orientation

9 Activity Two – can you relate? In pairs: – Think of an example of something you’ve achieved and relate it to the BT values. Customer Connected Bottom Line Inspiring Heart Drive for results Helpful Trustworthy Straightforward Coaching for performance

10 Preparing for the day: Assessment centre activities Interviews – based on competencies / skills A group task A one-to-one management task Aptitude tests Meeting other applicants – the start of your BT network! The assessment centre is not a competition and requires you to work with others Remember the BT leadership capabilities You’ll be told when your assessed Take each activity as it comes

11 Format of a Face to Face Interview In general: – Most located at employers offices – Interviewer(s) will introduce themselves and talk to you about what will happen in the interview – Most interviews will last for 60 - 90 minutes – Often competency based questions but occasionally also look at career motivation/work experience – Chance for you to ask questions

12 Interview Preparation 1. Prepare for the Interview Prior to the interview read through your application form Re-read the job advert or graduate website Research the company Practice answering questions with a friend Gather together any questions that you might want to ask the interviewer - have these in a typed format. Do not ask about financial package

13 Interview Preparation (continued) 2. Prepare Yourself! – Ensure that you are relaxed – get your suit out the night before, check your travel arrangements, re-read your application form – Ensure you know who you are going to be asking for when you arrive and arrive at least 15 MINUTES before the interview – Ensure that you are smartly dressed, clean and have combed your hair

14 During the Interview Non Verbal Communication – Your Handshake – Your Posture – Eye Contact – Your hands – Don’t fidget

15 The Interview Why have you applied to us? – Demonstrate that you are serious about the organisation Capability questions – How have you dealt with a difficult situation – When have you had to take on additional responsibility – When have you had to achieve a difficult task or goal – When have you had to challenge unacceptable behaviour What do you think you can bring to the role/organisation?

16 Activity Three – Interviews, are you prepared? In pairs: – 20 minutes each – 10 minutes per question – Interviewee - Remember we are looking for specifics – Interviewee – Remember to answer the question – Interviewer – think about what feedback you can give afterwards – how clear were the answers, how articulate was your partner, how much did their answer show that they could be Customer Focused and Inspiring?

17 Feedback 5 Minutes – Now just spend a few minutes giving each other some feedback Group Feedback – Are there any concerns? – How did you find the exercise? – What was useful about it?

18 Hints and Tips Be pleasant to everyone-the interview effectively starts as soon as you’ve entered the building Take your time Don’t just give 1 or 2 word answers Listen to the question and what is being asked Make the research your own – don’t be afraid to ask questions Be aware of the tone and rhythm of your voice Don’t over prepare Expect pauses from the interviewer Smile!


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