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French 1 C1 Le 12 séptembre 2012.

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1 French 1 C1 Le 12 séptembre 2012

2 Warm Up Activity Take out your homework and place it on your desk.
Get your green warm up folder from the bin Date the page and make a list from 1-5. Listen to Madame Dunn spell 5 words in French and write them down. BONUS- can you guess what the word means? If so, write your answer next to the French word.

3 Answers - Warm up Chat - cat Anglais - English Bicyclette - bike
Banane - banana Etudier - to study

4 Homework Go over answers together as a class before you turn in handout for a grade Get a copy of the blue book for you and your partner.

5 Goals for this Unit Students will learn greetings and basic phrases, how to count and tell time Students will begin to recognize what French sounds like and how to pronounce French words

6 Goals for this Unit Students will encounter the concept of linguistic differences. They will discover that often there is no word for word correspondence between French and English Students will discover that in France people greet one another and interact differently than in the US.

7 Bonjour, Je m’appelle… Page 10 These are some French names…
The accent always falls on the last syllable: Thérèse Choose a French name and make a name tent to keep on your desk during class. Your classmates should use this name Keep the name tent in your green folder Please enter names in the class log.

8 Salutations Page 12 Handshake Une bise

9 5 min break No texting One person at a time may use the bathroom pass

10 Bonjour! Page 14/15 Je m’appelle….. Comment t’appelles -tu? Bonjour
“como -tap- pell- two” Bonjour Bonsoir Bonne journée Bonne soirée Bonne nuit

11 Notes on Accents Binder check next class L’accent aigu L’accent grave
Grammar Section L’accent aigu L’accent grave L’accent ciconflexe La cédille Le tréma ACCENT CHEER!

12 HOMEWORK Look up 3 schools where you might want to go to college. (internet, library, etc…) Find out the foreign language requirements of that school. Turn in your results next class. Be sure to format your paper correctly. Example: Harvard

13 Alphabet Review Hangman
Each person gets a guess until someone guesses the word or you lose!

14 Un Deux Trois Quatre Cinq Six Sept Huit Neuf Dix
POP QUIZ! Fill in the missing number in French: Un Deux Trois Quatre Cinq Six Sept Huit Neuf Dix Trois, Quatre, Cinq, _______ Quatre, Trois, Deux, ______ Deux, Quatre, Six, _______ Six, Sept, Huit, ______ Dix, Neuf, Huit, ______

15 Class Dismissal Clean around your desk Straighten all chairs and desks
What is the homework assignment? Are you missing any work?

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