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Strengthening Sailing Report Summary of Findings March 2008.

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2 Strengthening Sailing Report Summary of Findings March 2008

3 Strengthening Sailing Final Report – March 2008 Australian Sports Commission Funded Conducted by Sports Business Partners Extensive Sport/ State/ Industry Input Five Sections

4 Foreword & Summary “Represents the first of the next generation of national sporting organisation reviews” “A number of the recommendations will be confronting” “The sport of sailing can be strengthened significantly” “the core business of YA has been inadequately defined and communicated” “there is fragmented alignment …and nine strategic plans ….inconsistent and inefficient approach” “growing from a cottage industry to a professional sports business” “capabilities of most MYA’s are limited” “passive resistance and distrust between some states & YA” “overall participation in sailing has stagnated or declined in some parts of Australia”

5 Five Sections 1.Business Strategy 2.Sport Development - Community Sailing 3.High Performance 4.Commercial Development 5.Governance and Management “The Report was well-received by the YA Board and Executive and the majority of the FA representatives and MYAs”

6 Business Strategy “There is universal support to develop a market-research based understanding of sailing’s customers as a starting point to developing the underlying business strategy for sailing and the customer-driven business model” “The YA board supports the involvement of the MYAs and stakeholders in the development of the plan” “need a customer /demand driven business model” “there are some indicators of the improvement of the management of YA’s business model” “need for specific and measurable performance targets for mission critical goals” “needs real commitment to cultural change” “need one direction for the sport – endorsement is simply not enough”

7 Sport Development (Community Sport) “the participation pathway for sailing is complex and perceived as expensive” “many examples of clubs with effective participation programs…. this is happening in isolation and lacks the consistency of product offering desirable for national growth in participation of the sport” “The MYAs have concerns over their ability to meet expectations to support the delivery of the recommendations for community sailing” “The National Participation Programs should be supported by the endorsement and promotion by YA of clearly defined pathways for the Olympic disciplines while at the same time recognising the diversity of sailor’s interests” “tension between elite and social membership/participation” “need an evidence based understanding of current and target customers”

8 Sport Development (Community Sport) cont. “sailing lacks the franchise model for participation... Something that is clear and easy to use nationally. We need a pathway and programs which are well researched, trialled and branded which provide copy and paste solutions for the club network” “the level of understanding for people outside the sailing community is in fact very poor”. “the dilemma for sailing is that it is not uniform in its promotion and delivery” “Sailing is more similar to swimming which requires some form of basic skills training at the beginning” “Australia is moving to a more flexible pay as you go recreational model and a growing reluctance to join a club” “endemic dysfunction in successfully implementing initiatives…which are aimed at recruitment & retention of volunteers and overall club development”

9 Sport Development (Community Sport) cont. “sailing has an attractive product….unfortunately a highly fragmented approach means it is not possible to describe and communicate... The current approach of participation development devolved to clubs is not working as evidenced by the overall decline in sailing membership” “Development of the pathway and programs for entry level participants should not be left in the hands of clubs …YA and the MYA’s need to provide stronger leadership if the sport is to prosper” “MYA’s are looking for leadership” “many clubs are underselling training and seeking to keep costs down using a volunteer model. Whilst the consumer is seeking value for money ….the lack of clearly not working.” “sailing does not have the resources to sustain the inefficiencies of the current approach”

10 Commercial Development “what does the yachting brand mean ?...what is the desired image and perception?” “90% of sponsorship is generated by and for the AST” “Need better understanding of consumers profile, attitudes preferences and purchasing behaviour” “major global sponsors of yachting indicate that brand owners are primarily targeting business audiences” “YA Marketing and Communication resources are thin…and doubtful that a strategy will gain much traction …without the required media support”

11 High Performance and Governance & Management (Not the role of Sports Development ) Read the full report at under Sport Dev Plan The Strengthening Sailing Report and Recommendations are a key input to the new YA Sport Development Plan – Pathways to Success But the Sport Development Plan is an action plan for implementation

12 Conclusion “the interests of the sport will be best progressed through adoption of a single national strategic plan utilised by YA and MYA’s and supported by a common performance measurement system ……some flexibility for MYA’s …however the key strategic pillars priorities and performance drivers of the sport should be consistent throughout Australia and delivered by an aligned and collaborative YA/MYA management team” “YA’s primary purpose and business focus should be to provide strategic leadership” “start with the customer in mind..a significant behavioural and cultural change”

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