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Response to Literature Essay

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1 Response to Literature Essay
To Kill a Mockingbird Response to Literature Essay

2 Introduction/Conclusion: LISTS
STOP LISTING EVERY POINT IN YOUR INTRODUCTION/CONCLUSION! : Jem grows up due to his experiences with Mrs. Dubose, Bob Ewell, and Boo Radley. : Jem grows up due to his experiences with individuals in Maycomb County.

3 Introduction: HBIT, HBIT, HBIT
Not all superheroes appear in capes and have magical powers. There are some hidden ones out there that show their heroic features by actions that impact an entire society. Throughout the novel, TKAM by Harper Lee, Atticus demonstrates that he is indeed a hero through his actions at a trial that dealt with defending a black person and standing up for his beliefs throughout the trial.

4 Introduction: Hook Easiest hook- make a generalization about the topic you are about to discuss! Jem growing up? = Everyone experiences obstacles that force them to lose their childish innocence and mature. Atticus teaching the kids to hold your head up high? = In life, there are times when one must ignore others and stick to their beliefs. Learning to see things from a different perspective? = ______________

5 Introduction: Background Info
Give enough info for me to understand what your thesis is arguing. Atticus is a hero because he stands up for what he believes in. When? How? Why? Possibly mention:_______________

6 Body Paragraphs: Quotes
(page 79)  (79)  How many quotes per paragraph? _____

7 Body Paragraph: Integrating Quotes
Provide a lead-in for your essay Don’t just jump into the quote! Atticus always shows courage in his actions. For example, “I wish Bob Ewell didn’t chew tobacco” (567). Atticus always shows courage in his actions. Sometimes his courage isn’t immediately obvious; when Bob Ewell spits in his face, he stays calm. However, his courage is displayed in his ability to ignore the action and simply say “I wish Bob Ewell didn’t chew tobacco” (567).

8 Body Paragraph: Topic Sentence
Thesis: Atticus is a courageous man that stands up for what he believes in. TS: When he is appointed as the lawyer for Tom Robinson, he decides to commit himself to the case. TS: Having others bad-mouth him does not change Atticus’s moral beliefs. TS: His strength and courage is truly revealed when he is willing to sacrifice himself for others.

9 Body Paragraphs: COMMENTARY
Don’t just give a quote & rephrase it! See example TS CD (Quote) CM x2 (Analysis) -Explain how the quote ties to your TS -Explain how this example either ties to your thesis/why it’s important

10 Body Paragraphs: Transitions
Make sure you transition from example to example: Jem understands people better Mrs. Dubose Boo Radley Between the two examples, you can’t just say, “he also understood Boo Radley”. You need to transition between examples!

11 Conclusion Restate thesis in different words
How was your thesis supported through the essay? DON’T LIST IDEAS Make a connection from your thesis to society/the world- why is the message/lesson important? Or, how can people connect to this thesis?

12 Conclusion Atticus was the rare symbol of courage in Maycomb. He had the ability to stand up for his beliefs despite what anyone said because he wanted to set an example for his children and the town. People like Atticus are hard to find in society because it takes strength to be a true hero. However, if more individuals modeled themselves after Atticus, the world would be a more tolerant place.

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