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Mobilizing Your Business How to make the case for ProntoForms John Smith, ACME Corp Customize this slide! Insert your name, title and logo!

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1 Mobilizing Your Business How to make the case for ProntoForms John Smith, ACME Corp Customize this slide! Insert your name, title and logo!

2 How can this presentation help you? Thank you for your interest in ProntoForms! We are very passionate about mobilizing business processes. As the leader in mobile forms, we’d like to help you show your team how ProntoForms can speed up workflows and lower operation costs. This presentation is designed to be customizable to your business and industry, drawing on the experience and results from mobilizing 2,500 businesses. We hope that this presentation will support your efforts to champion ProntoForms, as well as help your organization join our growing list of success stories!

3 What is ProntoForms? A solution designed to mobilize our business processes with mobile forms, consisting of: + the ProntoForms App + the ProntoForms Management Web Portal + a multitude of cloud & server data connectivity options

4 PRONTOFORMS APP Receive dispatched forms, collect work data in the field and submit data back to the office in real time. PRONTOFORMS WEB PORTAL Create and dispatch custom mobile forms, manage field users and generate powerful reports. CONNECT YOUR DATA ProntoForms connectivity with back office systems, cloud services and more. 3 steps to go mobile

5 What devices work with ProntoForms? + Build a form and it works on any device and with any screen size + Works online and offline, on any carrier or WIFI network

6 Mobilize any business process INSPECTIONSSALES ORDERSWORK ORDERSTIMESHEETS We can customize ProntoForms in a variety of ways to improve our business processes. All of our current business forms can be created and mobilized with ProntoForms.

7 Advantages of mobile vs. paper In addition to speeding up and improving the accuracy of data collection & management, mobile forms from ProntoForms have unique advantages: Dispatch Dispatch partially pre-filled forms to specific workers and teams in the field. Signature capture Get authorization via signature capture right on your device. Photo capture & Sketch Pad Add pictures and sketches to forms for better reports and inspections. Credit Card Processing Make transactions with in-form integration of credit card processing. Barcode scanning Scan and instantly integrate barcodes into forms. Date and GPS location Confirm the location of job sites, customer visits, time arrival and work performed. Calculations Perform calculations on form inputs and better confirm quotes. External data sources Embed business data into forms: prices, parts lists, client information, etc.

8 ProntoForms starts as low as $19. 95 (USD) per month per user,$19. 95 (USD) available direct from ProntoForms or with our wireless carrier of choice. How much does ProntoForms cost?

9 over 2,500 businesses, big and small PRONTOFORMS WINS! 2013 Mobile Forms Customer Value Leadership Award Read the Frost & Sullivan report Read the Frost & Sullivan report Who uses ProntoForms?

10 Businesses in OUR industry have lowered costs and improved productivity with ProntoForms. Who in our industry is using ProntoForms? "ProntoForms has helped our division tremendously in consolidating processes. In fact, we now have company people refusing to use paper forms.” Matthew Bull Toshiba Professional Services Search our Client VideosClient Videos Search our Case StudiesCase Studies Customize this slide! Insert case studies and client videos from your industry!

11 .CSV filed in accounting server PDF emailed to field manager PDF emailed to customer Our back-office System 5 users on iPads & iPhones ProntoForms Web Portal Form completed after job fulfillment Dispatch forms ProntoForms API Customize this slide! Design your own company’s workflow. See the next slide for more icons

12 Icon Library Text Label Data Records Destinations Dispatch Users Web PortalApp IconMobile usersOffice Manager

13 Our own company’s potential savings via the ProntoForms ROI calculatorProntoForms ROI calculator Customize this slide! Calculate your savings using the online ROI calculator and paste a screenshot here! Beyond ROI, we can realize important savings

14 + We can also deploy ProntoForms on our own for free within a few weeks + With Deployment Services, we are guaranteed to be up and running within 30 days What if I need help deploying? No matter the level of scale, ProntoForms can be deployed in a matter of days… with Deployment Services. + The ProntoForms support staff has successfully fast-tracked 1,800 users in a week!

15 Learn more about Deployment Services packagesDeployment Services packages Pronto Kick-StartPronto DeployPronto Deploy Plus $495$3,495$5,495 Get 2 custom form builds and a one-on-one deployment session Get a solutions engineer for full custom set-up, training and an ROI report Get the enhanced package for large scale deployment Most popular package Includes Sales Engineer, System set-up and employee training Customize this slide! Choose a deployment services package that best suits your needs and include the basics here!

16 ProntoForms Top 5 FAQ What devices does ProntoForms support? ProntoForms works with smartphones and tablets that run on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Workers can use a combination of any of these devices. Does ProntoForms have an open API? Yes. You can automate data using the REST API. Is my form data private? Yes. Employing the pass-through setting ensures that only transaction data is kept, for the purposes of an audit trail. Can ProntoForms work offline? Yes. You can complete forms offline. Forms are automatically submitted once network connectivity is restored. Can ProntoForms work on any carrier or network? Yes. ProntoForms works with any carrier and any network.

17 What is the next step? We simply contact a ProntoForms Account Manager for a free consultation. We’ll get:free consultation + Personalized one-on-one analysis of our business processes & mobile solution needs + Recommendations on how ProntoForms can improve our business workflow + Demo of the ProntoForms App and Web Portal Schedule our free consultation

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