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Frog Dissection AP Bio.

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1 Frog Dissection AP Bio

2 Hard Palate

3 Soft Palate

4 Maxillary Teeth Small, sharp, equal size

5 The Vomerine Teeth On the roof of the mouth are two large bulges where the eyeballs press down, helping the frog to swallow. Anterior to the two eye bulges are two knob-like structures bearing the vomerine teeth - these help the tongue to grip live prey & prevent them from escaping

6 Tongue Attached to the front of the mouth Sticks out to capture prey
Sticky When fully extended, it is as long as its arm! front - more surface area!

7 Glottis Opening into the lungs & esphogus

8 Esophagus Muscular tube that stretches from the mouth to the stomach
Food is pushed along the tube via. peristalsis

9 Liver Produces Bile Detoxifies blood Destroys red blood cells
Stores glycogen Maintains blood glucose level Produces blood proteins

10 Liver

11 Gall Bladder Releases bile
Stores the bile (produced in the liver) & squirts into the small intestine Releases bile

12 Stomach Releases pepsinogen - which will convert to PEPSIN via. interaction with HCl Churns - to increase surface area

13 Small intestine Organ in which macromoleucles are broken down via. enzymes Diffuses small molecules into blood stream to be transported elswhere

14 Pancreas Gland organ Releases Pancreatic amylase among other enzymes into the small intestine.

15 Large Intestine Removes water, and salts into the organism’s blood supply.

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