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Chapter 8. Majority is often referred to as the dominate group…the ones that are advantaged and have superior rights in society. Minority is often referred.

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1 Chapter 8

2 Majority is often referred to as the dominate group…the ones that are advantaged and have superior rights in society. Minority is often referred to as the subordinate group…the ones that are disadvantaged and are subjected to unequal treatment

3 Key features of minorities: 1. Distinctive physical or culture features that separate it from the majority 2. Minority is dominated by the majority 3. Minority traits are often believed by the majority to be inferior 4. Members of the minority share common group identity 5. Majority determines who is in the minority


5 People sharing certain inherited (biological) physical characteristics that are considered important in a society Skin color, hair color, facial features, head form, eye color, height etc… Three major divisions Negroid Mongoloid Caucasian There is no “pure” race Differences in race are closer than many think

6 Negative attitudes based on faulty generalizations about members of racial or ethnic groups People are “pre judged” Can be both positive and negative Prejudice is often rooted in stereotypes An overgeneralization about a group

7 Racism is a set of negative attitudes towards a race that are used to justify the inferior treatment of a race Discrimination involves the actions or practices taken by the dominate group that have a harmful impact on the subordinate group One may be prejudice but not discriminatory. Discrimination involves action

8 Group identified by cultural, religious, or national characteristics Race is biological whereas ethnicity is cultural Ethnic minority is a subculture of the majority Negative feelings towards ethnic minorities is a result of ethnocentrism In the U.S., non-European immigrants tend to be viewed less favorably than European immigrants Pg. 278


10 Hate Crimes…hate crimes are criminal acts motivated by prejudice. They may be because one simply dislikes a group…or one may be threatened by a group. Genocide…the systematic effort to destroy an entire population. Holocaust Serbian campaign against the Muslims Darfur

11 Assimilation is the blending or fusing of minority groups into the dominant society. Sometimes, assimilation is forced (Native Americans) Other times…it is voluntary (Melting Pot) Cultural pluralism…a pattern of assimilation where groups maintain some of their cultural identity but conform to most aspects of the dominant culture

12 Subjugation is the most popular form of mass racial conflict. In subjugation, the minority is denied equal access to the culture and lifestyle of the majority. African Americans in the U.S. through the segregation policies.

13 Functionalist…the dysfunction of racism can help to serve society. However, it also is positive for the majority as it strengthens their group ties. Conflict…majority uses prejudice and discrimination to maintain power over the majority. Symbolic Interactionism…members of majority learn prejudice and discrimination through socialization. Minority may also learn defeat and inability through the process.


15 Although many believe that discrimination stopped with the civil rights movement, it still continues. Institutionalized Discrimination is discrimination that results from common behaviors and attitudes that are part of society.

16 At 34 million, African Americans make up 12 % of total population. Why are they widely discriminated? Skin color makes them easy to identify As a result of slavery, they have historically been assigned to the lower class Make about 64% of what whites make (income) Do not have as many life or job opportunities. Face lack of education.

17 Latinos are ethnic minorities from Latin America. They are the fastest growing group and the largest in the U.S. (12.5% of population). Predicted that by 2050 Latinos will make up 25% of the population. 60% of Latinos are of Mexican descent. Like African Americans, they attain lower education than whites. Income is higher than African Americans but lower than whites. Gaining political power in Congress.

18 Original settlers in U.S. Number unknown but perhaps 40 million Tribes Originally some 500; now about 170 Government policies Separation: territories were treated as nations Expulsion: Indian removal, including extermination, to western regions Forced assimilation: after 1880 Americanizing and dissolution of Indian culture After 1930, tribal restoration

19 Just over 2 million in the U.S. There were about five hundred tribes but often stereotyped as one. Possibly the most discriminated against today. 25% of Native Americans live below poverty line. Lowest high school graduation rate of any minority. Lowest average income of any minority. Only 2 Native American members of Congress. Life on reservations is the worst (50% below poverty threshold).

20 10 million in the U.S. making up 4% of the population. Largest groups are from China, Japan, India, Korea, and Vietnam. Chinese were treated poorly and moved into ghettos (Chinatown) during early days of migration. They have achieved great success today… Higher income and higher education rates than whites.

21 White ethnics are groups of descent from Eastern and Southern Europe. Italy, Poland, Greek, Slavic Although from Northern Europe, Irish are also in this category. These groups were often discriminated against during early migration or still are today. Not of the Anglo Saxon descent These groups do not face the continual discrimination like the others and celebrate their ethnic heritage.



24 America is becoming more diverse and the future of discrimination is unknown. Will it increase or decrease with additional groups? Increased Middle Eastern, Latino, and African immigration.

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