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Withdrawing Solution From an Ampule

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1 Withdrawing Solution From an Ampule

2 Gather supplies Supplies needed to open and withdraw solution from an ampule should include: alcohol pad, gauze pad, filter needle, syringe , regular needle and the ampule of medication. NEED TO ADD A 2X2 GAUZE PAD TO PIC

3 Assemble the filter needle onto the syringe
Be sure to assemble the syringe with the filter needle as you would a regular needle, making sure not to touch the needle hub or syringe tip to hands or surfaces. Assemble the filter needle onto the syringe Glass shards are unavoidable in solutions that come from broken ampules. To filter out the glass fragments, a filter needle with a stainless steel filter in the hub is attached to the syringe before extracting solution from the ampule.

4 Remove the solution from the top of the ampule
Firmly tap the head of the ampule to move any trapped solution into the body of the ampule.

5 Once the solution is clear from the top of the ampule, you are ready to proceed.

6 Open an alcohol pad to clean the ampule.

7 Clean the ampule neck and surrounding surfaces with the alcohol pad.

8 Wrap a gauze pad (gauze pad is omitted to allow a clearer view of thumb position) around the neck of the ampule to protect fingers from sharp glass edges. Place thumbs on either side of the neck of the ampule. Thumbs should be positioned so that the lower thumb is on the shoulder of the ampule and the upper thumb is on the largest area of the head of the ampule.

9 Apply equal pressure to thumbs and break the ampule at the neck away from you. Use caution handling the ampule after it is broken as the edges are sharp. The top portion of the ampule should be placed in a sharps container.

10 Uncap the filter needle and place the needle bevel down (this pic has bevel up/needs to be changed) into the ampule.

11 Make sure that the bevel of the needle is down resting on the shoulder of the ampule. This position will allow the least amount of glass fragments to be pulled into the needle.

12 Withdraw solution from the ampule
Withdraw solution from the ampule. Bracing the needle on the shoulder of the ampule will allow you better leverage and balance while you are pulling the plunger back to withdraw solution. Be sure to keep the ampule tilted at an angle so that the lumen of the needle stays in the solution.

13 After withdrawing the appropriate amount of solution, recap the filter needle and remove the filter needle that contains any glass fragments that were filtered out of solution. NEED A PICTURE REMOVING THE FILTER NEEDLE

14 Attach the regular needle to the syringe.

15 Be sure secure the needle firmly onto the syringe tip without touching the needle hub or syringe tip to your hands, fingers or surfaces.

16 According to your work area and the facility’s policies and procedures,
verify that you have used the correct drug and obtained the correct dosage of medication.

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