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The ICAN Campaign ICAN stands for International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons.

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1 The ICAN Campaign ICAN stands for International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons

2 Nuclear Weapons -Declared States USA4530780500010,310 Russia380034001100018,200 France29060350 China400150550 Britain18515200 StrategicTacticalReserveTotal

3 Nuclear Weapons - De Facto States Israel – 75-200 India – 40-50 Pakistan – 25-50 Nth Korea - ?

4 Nuclear Weapons

5 Numbers by Region

6 NPT: Signed-188, Ratified-188 CTBT: Signed-175, Ratified-122 (“Annex 2”- 33) FMCT: Treaty in draft form NWC: Treaty in draft form Status Of Key Treaties In 2006

7 Status Of The Non-proliferation & Disarmament Regimes The risk of nuclear war has not gone away and is in fact increasing The opportunity presented by the end of the cold war was squandered Multilateral disarmament deadlocked

8 ICAN ICAN to address the erosion of the global nuclear disarmament regime Nuclear Weapons Convention – Review, update, progress MAPW to take a leading role within IPPNW and the global peace movement in the ICAN Campaign

9 Draft text produced by NGOs Submitted to the UN by Costa Rica in 1997 NWC would prohibit:  development  testing  production  stockpiling  transfer  use and threat of use Model Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC)

10 What ICAN Would Aim For IPPNW members feel that a coordinated effort across states and institutions, in the framework of voluntary governmental and non-governmental participation, is necessary if there is to be a reversal of the nuclear threat. One element of such coordination will be a multilateral agreement to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons ~ a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

11 How To Work Towards A NWC It is strongly felt that the campaign for a NWC would need to be based on an Ottawa style process that lead to the Landmines Treaty – a strong and effectively coordinated global coalition of NGO's and international organisations that drew in governments, starting with Canada, and achieved a treaty in the space of five years.

12 Phases for Elimination All States possessing nuclear weapons will be required to destroy their arsenals according to a series of phases.

13 Step by Step… The Convention outlines a series of five phases for the elimination of nuclear weapons beginning with:  taking nuclear weapons off alert  removing weapons from deployment  removing nuclear warheads from their delivery vehicles  disabling the warheads  removing and disfiguring the "pits"  and placing the fissile material under inter-national control.

14 Fissile Materials And Delivery Vehicles The Convention also prohibits the production of weapons-usable fissile material and requires delivery vehicles to be destroyed or converted to make them non-nuclear capable.

15 Working Towards A Nuclear Weapons Free World Today some of these issues may appear intractable, and there is no guarantee that they are soluble. However, a robust and open debate is the most likely - if not the only - way to generate creative solutions and engage the broad transnational and cross-industrial involvement necessary for a nuclear weapons free world.

16 Nuclear Weapons Knowledge Nuclear weapons knowledge cannot be disinvented. However, a vast portion of the knowledge, design and maintenance information can and should be destroyed once it is no longer necessary for disarmament.

17 Our Responsibility Moreover, and precisely because we cannot return to a world innocent of nuclear weapons knowledge, the answer to the "genie out of the bottle" is to increase scientific responsibility and awareness of potential proliferation risks.

18 Get Involved For further information about the NCW, please see: or contact the Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia) phone: (03) 8344 1637 email :

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