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Branding • Impressions

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1 Branding • Impressions
Targeted Video A Division of Diamond Media Group Direct Response • Branding • Impressions

2 Direct Response • Branding • Impressions We specialize in advertising platforms that are used in various industries to effectively deliver information to targeted consumers. Click My Video is Video Technology, which has several items that make it unique. Internet data and information, White-server delivery, powerful impressions from video and unique strategy which allows all types of businesses regardless of size or industry to utilize it affordably. The market strategy involves partnering with resellers throughout the country such as advertising agencies who use this technology to help their clients tap into the power of the Internet. Direct Response • Branding • Impressions

3 Direct Response • Branding • Impressions As a result of a national public relations campaign in early 2010, Click My Video quickly established strategic relationships with key-players in a variety of industries including grocery chains, restaurant franchises, wine and spirits, medical, construction, manufacturing, automotive and professional sports teams. Click My Video recently received a powerful testimonial from a major grocery store chain as a result of Beta-testing. The initial study and results were tracked and validated by AC Nielson Company. Beta-testing confirmed clearly that the addition of the Click My Video platform to the existing media mix had an instant and substantial impact on the sales of the featured product. Direct Response • Branding • Impressions

4 Direct Response • Branding • Impressions Corporate The company has recruited top-level management who have documented success in a variety of start-up and early-stage businesses including advertising, technology, franchising and retail.  Management Team Steve Hill, CEO Greg Hoerner CFO Todd Gregorcic, President Advisory Board Dr. Frank Swiger, President of 30 Meter Mgmt Nick Vojnovich, Past President of Beef O’Brady’s James Skeadas, President of Showtenders Inc. Direct Response • Branding • Impressions

5 Direct Response • Branding • Impressions Staff Leslie Lavitt VP Sales Donna Pentrack Division Manager Doug Kersey Dir. Of Interactive Media Larry Spence Live Events Coord. Dave Dumphy Regional Manager Chris Bowers Marketing Manager Mark Danna Account Executive Chance McGrath Theresa Maye Creative Manager Keith Stewart Lead Graphic Designer Amber Leto Graphic Designer James Denny HTML Manager Direct Response • Branding • Impressions

6 Direct Response • Branding • Impressions We invite you to join other retailers and nationally known companies who know that E-Ad campaigns are 90% less expensive then direct mail. Let us help you reach consumers where they spend most of their time……….on the internet! Direct Response • Branding • Impressions

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